Dear BRGR Project

I visited your Taft branch for lunch and my experience made me think twice about my affection towards you.

First off, you do not promise “Free WiFi” when in fact, there is NO free WiFi. It’s major league offense for customers.

Second, make sure you manage your crew properly. The first time I visited, we were the only customers and there were five staff crowding the counter. A while ago, there was a lunch crowd and only one person was taking all of our orders. He would have sufficed except your concept was “make your own” remember? The poor guy could only whip up so much of the fifty thousand possible combinations with his two hands.

Third, utilize your second floor well. The interiors are actually nice especially the art on the blackboard but the place was humid and the light on one corner was turned off and the tables remained the way the customers left them because again, there was only one staff roaming around delivering orders, taking requests and cleaning.

Bottom line is, I like your product. I like it very much in fact that I rave about your beef patty to anyone willing to listen. But no matter how good a burger is, there are other things to be factored in. I want that patty but not badly enough that I’d be willing to wait 1 hour and 10 minutes (yes because we waited that looong a while ago) while my stomach grumbles thanks to all the errands I ran. And with 70 minutes, I expected the food to be served freshly cooked, or warm at least. Actually microwaved would have been fine. But no, I had to eat a delicious burger cold and I doubt if my buns were even toasted.

Which brings us to free WiFi. Waiting would have been more pleasant and moods better if you stayed true to your black and white signage because we are brainless humans incapable of a good conversation and only the world wide web would keep us sane.

I like to believe we were pretty fair customers who held our horses and stretched our patience to their limits (compared to another customer who sort of shouted at the staff) but really, hungry people turn into something they don’t want to be, like monsters.




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