Burger to Bible

Thanks to a certain episode of HIMYM, Dai and I craved for burgers. Our first choice was Brothers Burger but we could not locate the branch along Roxas boulevard. Then I remembered there was Wham! Burger at our favorite neighborhood mall, Robinson’s Manila. On our way to their stall on the third floor, we spotted Cerealicious and without talking, we knew we had to order a bowl.

We were reminded of a time in our college lives (Dai in 1st year and me in 3rd year) when we used to buy the cereal blockbusters almost everyday. Is it not nice re acquainting yourself with something you used to so regularly have after a long absence?

My favorite was Pirates of the Cadburryean but I had to try Sherloack Holmes, all for the love of the consulting detective.

Dai had Breaking Dawn part 2 because of the cherry. The last time I was here, the small bowl costed 50 pesos. Now it’s 60! Gah I hate inflation.

Ah! I missed this.

I suddenly remembered the once or twice a week lunch spent on the food stalls in front of Toys “R” Us with my 3rd year buddies Abi, Carren, Gela and Icee. Burgers at Wham!, pizza or pasta from Jimini and desserts from Cerealicious all in one meal. Whew!

In line with my goal to wean on fruits and vegetables, instead of the usual no veggie burger, I had one with lettuce and that for me is already a huge feat. Still couldn’t bring myself to eat fresh tomatoes though. With lots of catsup and mustard plus a pinch of salt here and there, it was a very satisfying meal. The green color in between those buns and meat tricked me into believing that I made a healthy choice. haha. Burger with lettuce wasn’t that bad after all.

Bebe alternating the burger and the cereal. Panuorin ko lang siyang kumain, busog na ako. :]

We were busy savoring every bite of our meal (I once heard a rumor that Wham!’s burger patties were made of worms. haha) when I saw a familiar face ordering from the counter. I called him and before I knew it, the three of us were engaged in a very interesting and rewarding conversation about faith and the Bible.

Kuya Aeron was one year my senior in high school and is currently a fifth year Intarmed student at UP Manila. When I introduced the two of them and mentioned that both of them were Christians, Kuya Aeron asked what the real definition of the word is. According to him, it is not enough to believe in Christ alone. Part two is to follow Him. All the time I was both amazed and ashamed.

I was amazed with his knowledge of the bible, he not only reads the word but he studies history and the context in conjunction with it. According to him, the deeper you dig into the word of God, the clearer his message becomes. He shared about his favorite writer Paul and we were mind blown. I know we can never have a complete knowledge of the Bible but just like what Kuya Aeron said, we should have sufficient information so we can answer and defend the faith to others. Lalo na raw siya, UP medyo maraming doubtful doon. hehe

At the same time I was ashamed. The first part, believing in Christ and Him alone, I have accomplished but I need to work on that second part. Following Christ comes with a lot of sacrifices and trials and I feel that I am not yet mature enough, that I am still attached to worldly things and evil ways. But then again, there are friends whom I can turn to (hello anotherhappylady!). Whose posts in my WordPress reader give me hope, whose faith inspires me. In Dora’s words, I am a work in progress.

Grabe, na amaze lang talaga ako kay Kuya Aeron at sa mga shinare niya. On top of med school and 24 hour duties, he is able to squeeze in time for doing good deeds (10 day med missions) and reading and studying the word of God. Hanep ka talaga Lord. Sabi mo nga sa Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.


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