spontaneous island trip

After our stint at Blue Dot, we went to Gaisano Mall, parked Dams’ car, bought drinks at Bo’s Cafe, rode a tricycle to a place where boats could be rented, boarded one and off we went to an island called DaoDao.

Shai and Dams at the farthest corner. I was afraid to go there because my heavy weight might disrupt the balance of the boat. Ah, who am I kidding? I was just scared of falling. Besides, I already slipped into black oil on our way to the boat we rented. So clumsy.

The island. Based on my sense of time (which sucks by the way), travel time was about 20 minutes (wild guess).

Vain pictures.

When we were near the island, the motor of the boat was turned off because the water was too shallow. Hence, the driver used a long bamboo stick as paddle.

Aside from stray cats (which were abundant) and a couple of trash from inconsiderate citizens, we had the place all to ourselves. Yipee!

The owner of this boat left when we arrived.

From where we were dropped off, we had to brave nature and go to the other side of the island where the water was better and the ray of the sun wasn’t too harsh. Being a sedentary person, I had a hard time but I survived and it made me feel sort of adventurous. haha.

Rocks were as small as these

To as big as these. I prefer the latter as long as they’re not sharp. The small ones tend to give away under my weight *sigh*. It was fun and tiring hiking (yeah for me that already was hiking) through these rocks especially because I was on all four extremities most of the time.

Our spot.

On the way was a lighthouse. Small when compared to other pictures of lighthouses I see but still a lighthouse. Unfortunately it was locked with a warning about high voltage. The electric bolt sign was enough to keep me away.

Bebe and I were wearing matching shirts that day. It was her pasalubong to me from Riyadh. I think we look cute in these photos. hehe. During our entire stay in Pagadian, 80% of the time, people asked if we were siblings, 50% if we were twins.

We went for a dip in the clothes that we were wearing because the cool water was so tempting after all the walking. Well, all of us except Dai who swam in her undies. No pictures because she told me not to post them for the sake of her dignity.

When it appeared that it was about to rain, we went out of the water. Again, the last thing we wanted was for an untoward incident to happen.

However, the rain did not materialize. But it’s better to be sure than sorry. Yep, we were dripping when we rode the boat (no towels). We’ll worry about pneumonia some other time.

Our boat fetched another group in a nearby island called DaoDao gamay (meaning Little DaoDao). The place had cottages and the edges were cemented. I still prefer DaoDao and all its rockiness.

Back to land, back to safety.

We used up too much energy in our adventure so we headed to Cheekies Pizza.

The place was airy and simple. I like the no nonsense interior.

We had spicy tuna pizza and 2 liters of Royal carbonated drink. The pizza, just as Dams promised, was delicious. Plus, it was my first time to see corn as part of the ingredient and I love kernel corn! Despite what the waitress said, it wasn’t spicy at all though.

Thank you for another memorable day! :]



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