Pagadian baby!

Adams invited us to his province in Mindanao for his 21st birthday. Other friends weren’t able to come because (1) parents were afraid of their safety — wrong perception by the way (2) Mindanao was too far (3) The fare was a bit pricey. Only Dianne and I went. Despite that, it was still a fun vacation with really nice memories for keeps.

The original plan was to ride a ship en route to Ozamis City and then fly back to Manila. Unfortunately, travels to Ozamis from Manila were fully booked. Dai and I had no choice but to do it the other way around.

Our flight was delayed but we weren’t really surprised given the performance of our airlines in the country. Thank God for Dai’s laptop we were able to watch for the nth time episodes from Sherlock to kill time. I will forever adore you Benedict Cumberbatch!

Dams’ very handsome younger brother Lance. I wish I had his eyelashes which were thick and long.

I have come to realize that every place in the country has its own unique version of tricycles. Ours were quite spacious. In Batangas, the sidecars were too low they always hit humps. In Pagadian, the said vehicles have “second floors”. It was cool except obese people like me would have a hard time squeezing themselves inside. It was designed that way because the roads in the city go up and down, like in Baguio.

One night, Dai taught Lance a bad eating habit. The same thing she taught me a year ago, that is, dipping anything on Nestle cream. I swear almost everything tasted better with that fatty cream especially Cheetos. Om nom nom nom nom. Come to think of it, Mayonnaise and creams look harmless but they slowly kill you.

The vacation in Pagadian was a diet ruiner (even though “diet” did not exist in the first place). We made wicked oreos which Dams fried despite my protests that pancakes weren’t cooked like french fries.

For lack of Vanilla ice cream, we settled for Double dutch which was great but I love Vanilla ice cream.

We also tried the leftover Ube, Choco and Mango ice creams from the previous night. They were all okay except (again) I love Vanilla.

3 little pigs.

Dams’ high school friend Lor encouraged us to try Marang, a fruit that is intended for young ladies because of the texture. Tita bought three. One was okay, another was still unripe and the third  one was so overripe it was inedible. It was somewhat similar with Langka (Jackfruit) but better tasting.

One of my most favorite meals in Pagadian primarily because of the green mangoes and shrimp paste.

Of course embarrassing pictures were found. If friends would come visit my hometown, I will make sure all elementary and high school photos are hidden. Baby pictures are okay because I was cute.

One day, Dams was busy with preparations for his birthday celebration. He told us to stay at home and watch movies. Dai and I being curious citizens with “lakas ng loob” went out and rode a tricycle to Rotonda – a place where there was a tower overlooking the city – for the sunset. The spiral staircase going to the top was scary looking with pieces of wood making the pathway even smaller.

Pagadian city from above.

The little thing my bebe was emphasizing was Daodao, an island we spontaneously went to but that story is intended for another post. hehe.

Special thanks to the stranger who took this photo.

When we arrived there was an ongoing Air soft game and we wanted to join. Unfortunately, it was some sort of battle between two opposing teams and only members of the said team were allowed to play.

The tower.

On another day, Dams tagged Dianne and I along to his high school friend’s thanksgiving lunch. I thought we would feel out of place since everyone except Dams were practically strangers. I was very glad to be wrong. They were all very kind and welcoming. Plus the food was great and the stories fun. Cheesy sounding but it felt like they were long time friends of mine. Naks. The meal reminded me of my childhood, simple handaans in a relative’s home.

Among the viands was Humba. According to them, this dish is a staple in gatherings in their part of the country, like Visayan style Pork Adobo.

To cap off the meal was a glass (or two) of the pambansang beer, San Miguel. Plus group picture.

Dams has always bragged that barbecue and isaw in Pagadian was just 1 php per stick. To see is to believe and it was true. Of course they were bite size but still, 1 peso? Not bad. Aside from pork barbecue and isaw, there’s hotdog and other internal organs of both pigs and chickens (not 1 php).

When the vendor asked our order, we said 2 pcs of barbecue and 2 pcs of isaw. She stared at us like we just talked in an alien tongue. She repeated our order and we said yes. Still, she was uncertain. When Dams arrived after parking his motorcycle, he said we sounded like fat misers to the girl because people usually buy 10 sticks at a time. Here is ate gamely posing for a picture.

I loved the barbecue and Dai loved the isaw. Whoever thought of starting the 1php trend was a genius because one stick was 50% meat and 50% fat compared to the regular 80-20 ratio. And as far as I know, fatty portions are cheaper. Combined with cold carbonated drinks, cool November air and anythingunderthesun conversations, it was a pretty good night.

We started with four sticks and ended up with 70 (or was it 80?). They were that good plus there’s something about biting the meat then throwing the stick in one mouthful. The promo by the way was 10 sticks plus 1 free.

I couldn’t remember exactly when, I just promised myself I’d visit more of Mindanao. :]


4 thoughts on “Pagadian baby!

  1. I hate how people from Luzon (yes because it’s about time I stereotype on another island HAHA) have the wrong perception about Mindanao and how they talk about Mindanao as a whole when they haven’t set foot in even one of the places there. Safety issues? Blah. I feel safer in Mindanao than Luzon. :)) Anyway, it feels good to prove a lot of people wrong. Haha (yak, I still feel the rage when I wrote my infonursetion article lol)


    And no wonder people give me strange looks dito pag minemention ko ang Marang. It’s a very alien term here yet I eat that all the time back home. Yung seeds ba, pinatuyo niyo? Tinutusta kasi namin yan tapos kinakain parang mani. Hnnngggg. Nagccrave tuloy ako. 😐

    AND THE PISO BBQ AND ISAW. I spent 100 on that tapos we share with the barkada. Shet lungs. I miss the food.
    Sayang talaga, kung andyan ako nung time na yan, I would gladly drive from Zbga City to Pagadian para sunduin kayong tatlo. Haha.

    Anyway, there’s always a next time. I’m glad you had fun. THERE ARE LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF PLACES TO VISIT esp historical ones. (Hint hint Rizal’s shrine at Dapitan City) Hehe

    1. yup yup. ang babait nga ng bus driver sa mindanao eh, nagpapasakay kahit wala kaming pambayad. HAHA. grabe, buti na lang hindi OA magulang ko sa safety issues kaya pinayagan ako. isa pa, safe naman talaga sa mindanao. halos lahat ng nakausap ko dun sabi OA ang news. at sobrang bait ng tao.

      about sa marang, siguro di lang ako sanay. or hindi lang talaga ako mahilig sa mga prutas. HAHAHA.

      Sayang! sana sa next na balik ko sa mindanao, andun ka na. yup yup! niresearch ko na yun. gusto kong pumunta sa dapitan para sa dakak, rizal shrine at gloria fantasyland (na epic raw ang horror house!). Tas balik tayo sa dolphin island! yak andaming plano. HAHA

  2. Oh yes oh yes. One thing I like about home is you can talk to strangers without feeling creeped out. Haha. Aaaand, ang OA lang ng media. :))

    NAKO NAKO eat your fruits and veggies. :))

    One thing na binabalik balikan ko every time mag Fantasyland kami is yung horror house. SUPER WORTH IT. Walang wala ang horror house ng EK and Star City. Hahaha. Nakooooo kung may pera lang talaga, ang dami ko pang gustong puntahan. Kung pwede nga lang buong Mindanao from west to east. Puntahan rin natin hometown ni Jinkee tapos mag end with a trek at Mt. Apo. Yak naging mountaineer bigla. :))

    1. HAHA oonga raw eh. sayang sobrang kulang nung stay namin dun. nabasa ko nga na yung horror house sa fantasy land parang may story na may hahanapin kayo. kaso may iba ng bayad ngayon na 100. hehe. next time talaga.

      oonga! maraming pinangako sa akin si jinkee! mag enchanted river daw at CDO whitewater rafting please. Wui Gi! pangarap kong akyatin ang mt. Apo. As in. kaso 4 days ata inaakyat yun ng balikan? haha sana magkapera na tayo :]

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