no. 199 – road trips

I grew up in the province where cabs are nonexistent. Plus my family does not own a car. Hence, air conditioned vehicles were foreign to me for the most part of my life. Heck, I remember feeling nauseated and vomiting every time I rode buses or taxis when I was a kid. For my first 15 years, there were only three places under my belt, my home province Isabela, Metro Manila, and my maternal grandparent’s province Batangas. Now you have some sort of idea as to the root of my desire to go places, I was deprived my friend. I’ve been on road trips with relatives before but I was too young to appreciate them. Besides, like what I just said, I was either too busy vomiting or sleeping. In Pagadian, I had my fill. This time with friends.

Our first stop was in Aurora Montain Resort in Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, an hour drive from Dams’ house. The entrance fee to the resort was very reasonable. The cottage only costed 40 pesos I think.

We went on a weekday so the place was not jam packed. I like this resort. No pretensions. Just a great pool and cottages. Just like what Dams promised, we were safe from the rays of the sun even though it was 1 PM thanks to the shade from all the trees!

We went with his high school friends. They’re so nice! Left to right: Bry, Shai, Tin, Dams, Dai, Lor.

The water was flowing in the main pool unlike in other resorts where the chlorinated water is stagnant. I could attest to the cleanliness of the water because I tasted it and by far, it’s the best tasting pool water I’ve had in my life. Yeah, I don’t know how to swim and I have this bad luck of always accidentally swallowing water. Gross but what can I do?

The pool was not that crowded so I loved it even more. As usual, I stayed in my comfort zone, the less-than-my-height deep. I have no plan on drowning. We played pool cat fight. Dai held Dams while I carried Bry.

We won but Dams suddenly and without warning pulled Bry with him. There goes my first gulp of pool water of the day thank you very much.

Next we played Ping Pong Pang. Bry lost and we dared him to do a sexy pose. Misunderstanding our instructions, he did a sexy dance to our delight.

View from the pool.

The resort had a diving board. I wanted to try but the spot where you’d fall was 8 foot deep. Again, pass.

We bought pork barbecue and other grilled meat for lunch. Eating with bare hands while you’re dripping wet is always good.

On our way home, we spotted tourists taking pictures of the view from the highway. Feeling envious, we stopped a couple of meters ahead and had our share of photo op.

On a different day, our plans to go to yet another Zipline was jeopardized by the heavy rain. Hence, we just drove into the wild in search for a certain beach. The idea stirred something in me since I was reminded of The Beach by Alex Garland. haha.

But first we stopped by a bakery where this chewy, warm and delicious Pan de Monggo came from. Nothing like warm bread on cold weather.

The trip was full of barahans which was apparently inherent in Dams ever since high school. Plus sound trip.

Some roads were concrete, most weren’t. Close to an hour into our search for the beach, we gave up and decided to go back because the rain didn’t stop. My father later called saying there was low pressure area in the region. That’s why.

We just stayed at home and influenced Shai and Bry into playing cards. We taught them pusoy dos, go fish and one other game introduced by Dai which involved saying the codename of the person whose card is the same as yours. I had a lot of laughs off Rafflesia.

Now I dream of going through the whole 3,517 km of Pan Philippine Highway (otherwise known as Maharlika highway) starting from Luzon to Samar and Leyte and ending in Zamboanga City Mindanao!

6 thoughts on “no. 199 – road trips

      1. because we have to become larger than life itself! and travelling opens your eyes to the world bit by bit. it creates an open-mindedness in you. and its bloody hell lot of fun!!! :3

      2. yeah it’s bloody hell lot of fun and it’s also bloody expensive! haha :] ok. will look forward to our stint next year and will hope and pray that my parents would let me go because last time I talked to my mom, she said “Tama na yang lakwatsa mo ah. last na yan”. HAHA

  1. This is simple but cold market forces at work. Sad in the short term for those afecfted.An endless cycle but one which makes the next generation better organised, more profitable and more able to survive.

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