no. 169 – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Dams decided out of nowhere to go out and shoot. We went to Blue Dot, a shooting range owned by one of his high school friends. It was occupying the third floor of a building whose second floor was a spa so I was wondering how come the two business were able to coexist.

The place was filled with firearms of different types but I was shy to take pictures so I just directed my camera to the 4 basic rules of firearm safety.

My question was answered when I saw the range. the walls and ceiling were covered with egg trays/cartons. Judging based on the fact that the range was in the same building with another establishment which requires “silence”, I assumed egg trays are pretty effective in diminishing the sound. According to some Google results I read, the trays act as deflectors of sound waves. In contrast, another post claimed that due to the uneven and angled surfaces of egg boxes, the sound is absorbed rather than reflected, hence, reduced echoes and resonance.

We (well, Dams) brought our own guns and bullets. Dams went first. This was how we looked like before the first fire was shot.

This was the reaction during.

Clockwise from left: Lor. Shai. Dams. Dai.

And me. I never thought guns make that much sound and force. My arms weren’t steady enough all my shots were on the wall during my first try. Plus the shells kept coming out if you’re not careful it might singe you. Experiencing firing a gun made me think of all the movies I saw and how effortless and easy it looked for the actors to fire them. Ah, media and all the misleading it does. Also, it reminded me of Robin from How I Met Your Mother since shooting was one of her hobbies.

There was a fee for every person who enters the range plus place rental. Since Dams brought the gun and bullets, we didn’t pay a single dime for the activity which would have costed us upwards 300 pesos. Yay! As I have said countless times, free is always good. Thank you Jen and family!

When Dams’ uncle Neil from Cebu arrived for his birthday, we had an interesting conversation about guns. Thanks to him, I learned about the difference between pistols and revolvers as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. The former have a tendency to jam while the latter can only accommodate a small number of bullets among other things. Plus, I now know the logic behind the stance of cowboys when they shoot.

I firmly believe that everything is worth knowing, albeit they sometimes seem useless, they’re still knowledge.

I would love to include shooting in my hobby but it’s expensive not to mention dangerous when placed in the wrong hands. How I wish guns were purely recreational. The thought that wars happen partly because the ammunition industry is a vital part of one superpower’s economy is sad. Really sad.


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