no. 141 – two-wheeled badass

Save for tricycles, I have never ridden a motorcycle before. One because I suck at maintaining balance I might put both my and the driver’s lives in danger and two, my parents do not approve of the vehicle saying riding them would increase the chance of me dying.

In Pagadian though, almost everyone owns a motorcycle and when I say almost everyone I mean 70 percent of the population. In fact, Dams has two of them and it would be stupid of me not to try. After all, my parents were kilometers away and they wouldn’t know. hehe.

My first motorcycle ride was on November 7, 2012 right after arriving in Pagadian. Do not let my smiling face fool you for I was very anxious at that time. My grip on Dams was so tight he teased that I was molesting him. You have to understand, the feeling was new to me because embarrassing as it may be to say, aside from motorcycles, I have never ridden two wheeled bicycles as well. Sad right?

IT. WAS. FUN. All the time I was shouting and loosening my grip on Dams one hand at a time. I remembered a passage I read in one of Patterson’s Maximum Ride books where Max said that riding a bicycle (or was it motorcycle) was the closest thing to flying that we humans could experience. I haven’t flown before but I hope what she said was legit.

The yellow motorcycle could lift the three of us (dai + rani + dams), a combined weight of more or less 240 kilograms! Of course we had to squeeze our asses in the seat. At one point the chains gave away. According to Dams though, it wasn’t our heaviness’ fault but some loose something in the machine.

I enjoyed the red one better because the wheels are bigger, the sound cooler, the ride smoother and the look exudes moreΒ pogi points. Unfortunately, this one could only accommodate two butts at a time so Dai and I took turns.

Dams tried to teach us how to drive a motorcycle, explaining the clutch and gears and breaks and all sorts of things that were two much for someone like me who is kinesthetic-ally challenged. You know, my brain could actually cope and think but my body just wouldn’t follow. For the mean time, I am contented with just being a passenger.

Joyrides at night are better. The streets were less congested and the air was cooler. When I was already a pro passenger, I was able to raise my two hands at shoulder level, close my eyes and feel infinite (naks, i mean eww). My moment was cut short because we hit a bump and I immediately held on for dear life.

I sort of miss it. Now that I’m back in Manila, I remember our little rides around the city whenever I see a motorcycle. I want one for Christmas though I wouldn’t dare drive it in the Metro lest I want to see the light that never goes out (plus the pollution). In the province maybe. Hopefully.


6 thoughts on “no. 141 – two-wheeled badass

  1. Motorcycles are waaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper and it’s an easy way to go around the city. Kaya people opt to drive motorcycles but they are a pain in the ass on the road kasi kung saan saan sila sumisingit and they always violate traffic rules.

    And my parents would behead me if I ever dared to drive or ride a motorcycle because most VA’s are motorcycle related. Pero sumakay na ako on many many many occasions without them knowing. Bahaha

    1. haha. my parents share the same sentiment. di raw nila pinangarap na pasakayin ako sa motor. and yes, they’re a pain in the ass. iritable si Dams kapag may singit ng singit na motor. minsan may sinigawan pa siya ng FU at muntik niyang babaan at sugurin. Nakakatawa! hahahaha. saya lang. sana matuto ako magbike. :]

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