Alindahaw LakeView Resort

Lor encouraged me to make use of my camera’s panoramic shot. I was hesitant since the feature eats up the battery life like a freaking glutton. In exchange with these photos though, it was worth it.

We went with Dams’ family to Alindahaw LakeView Resort one saturday morning just because we wanted to try the Zipline over the lake. The place was unusually not congested on a weekend.

Boats could be hired en route to a man made island. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time since we had to go home early to pick up relatives from the airport.

Was also unable to rent out kayaks which were pretty cheap at fifty pesos. I just tell myself that the things I have not experienced give me an excuse to go back to a place. Yay for positivity!

There was an infinity pool overlooking the lake. Wanted to swim in this one but a group of guys were drinking beer on one side. I found it cool that most of the places I’ve been to in Pagadian do not require corkage fees. Heck, even alcohols weren’t banned.

I have a confession to make. I stereotype children’s pools as being dirty since I expect the kids to pee all the time. My suspicions were most of the time proven true by the fact that the waters in said pools were warmer and saltier.

Vain pictures.

Before being able to experience their 400 peso Zipline, one needed to sign a waiver first and have their blood pressure and weight taken. I sort of hated this part because afterwards, Dams never stopped teasing that I was the heaviest among the three of us. Gotta start losing those pounds. haha

While waiting for the shuttle that would bring us to the starting point for the Zipline, we had delicious Mango shakes. Cool drinks in a bearably humid weather. Mehehe.

And we found this cute creature which reminded me of Toothless the Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon. One of theΒ manongs assumed that this one escaped from a batch illegally smuggled and sold. Sad how we treat some animals, especially heartbreaking-ly cute ones like this.

Suttle ride from the resort to the drop off point for the Zipline. We passed by a lot of greens plus Mr. Sun wasn’t too harsh that day.

Second floor of the building where the Zipline is held.

When we arrived, a group of customers were about to take off. Took a picture because it’s always nice to know that you share feelings with other people. And just seeing that their feet was dangling was enough to scare the hell out of me.

But then again, you’ll zip through this majestic sight. Angal ka pa?

Wasn’t able to take pictures of our actual Zip because the guys on the starting point was strict and I forgot I had a camera when I saw the beautiful view. At first I was really anxious and I even shouted like a sissy but all my fears were uncalled for because it was refreshing more than anything else. Lesson? Never judge something unless you have experienced it. Oh, and only Lor was in a Superman position because they had a weight limit and only those sixty kilograms and below are qualified. Boo!

My only complain (aside from the discrimination against weight haha) is that their “breaking system” hurt a freaking lot. You go through a series of woods (or steels?) high speed and your arm takes all the toll.

After Zipline, we went for a quick dip. Quick as in 45 minutes. Thank God because the sun vanished in those minutes and reappeared again when we left. hehe. Thanks to Lor for lending me her goggles. It made learning how to swim much easier. Now I want one for Christmas.

Lance wasn’t allowed to swim but then again, we’reΒ pasaway so Dams stripped him naked and took him to the kiddie pool.

All in all, we were in Lakewood for more or less 4 hours. Quick and easy.



6 thoughts on “Alindahaw LakeView Resort

    Kaso nung time na pumunta kami dyan, ginagawa pa lang yung zipline over the lake. At nasunburn ako sa kaka-kayak. Haha

    And the weirdest thing happened because nag overnight kame diyan and our rooms were overlooking the infinity pool, eh diba may bar yun. There were a group of guys dun and until we went to our rooms andun pa rin sila. Mga 2 or 3am, naalimpungatan ako, sumilip ako sa labas tapos may 2 guys making out at the infinity pool. Ew.

    1. ANG GANDA DUN! AT fifty pesos lang entrance! grabe talaga. hehe. yikes natawa naman ako sa kwento mo. HAHA baka masarap uminom sa infinity pool. grabe, ngayon lang ako nakakita ng magandang resort na nag aallow ng alcohol sa pool mismo.

  2. how i wish mkapunta kmi jan…para kming baliw ng ate q kc plano kmi ng plano,kaht ano na ang naiisip pro ni isa mn lng wlang na2pad.hahaizt…gani2 tlga ang buhy mhirap!sna my maawa jan…heheheph

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