Roadtrips and Foodtrips (with beer pong on the side)

For the record, I don’t think impending separation is needed just to spend time with a loved one or a friend. Why wait for “I’m leaving the country for good, let’s meet” or “My sister is in the ICU, please visit” just to spend time together? People are sometimes so busy with their lives or so preoccupied with a thing or person that they forget the big world surrounding them. But I’m not saying that being together every single day of the week is a requirement because variation is good. Psh, I can’t elaborate. I guess I just want to begin to spend time with the people who matter and at the same time, not let distance and lack of communication get in the way if ever circumstances do not permit us to be together. Mehehe.

Anyway, a few days ago, I ended up having a sleepover at Dar’s place with Trix and Dams because his parents were not home and my sister made Dams shy. While eating Dates (eww by the way) and chicken nuggets, Dar, hot tempered, suddenly invited us on a roadtrip using his parents’ car without their knowledge (Oops). Being nice friends, we obliged.

Dams said he can drive so we entrusted our lives to him. After almost 30 minutes, we were finally and in one piece able to travel from the fourth floor where the car was parked to the ground floor. It was funny and at the same time scary. We were scared for our lives as well as for the car because a Β tiny scratch on the surface and Dar’s dead meat.

Good thing it was already late and the traffic infested Taft Avenue was not too crowded or else angry drivers would have shouted curses at us and our 20 km/hr speed. That was after the three of them (because I was the only one who didn’t know how to drive) figured out which buttons were for which. Every time we crossed an intersection, instead of the signal light or whatever signal, Dams honked. When Dar reprimanded him, he said “Eh yun ang turo ng nanay ko, bumusina lang daw ako”, we laughed like maniacs.

We accepted the fact that the four of us wouldn’t survive as far as Mall of Asia so we fetched Nonong. Nong by the way is a good driver. Unlike the bouncing motion we felt with both Dams and Dar, Nong handled the gear smoothly. We planned on going to Tagaytay. Unfortunately, the moolah all five of us brought combined was not enough for Toll fees. Due to lack of dough (for it was a Sunday and stipends arrive on Mondays), we settled at KFC and ordered their value meal for midnight snack.

Who says one needs lots to enjoy? It was still a fun night made extra special by the lessons I learned from four clashing drivers.

On another day, I was invited to go out with Kirk, Abi and Dai. They dubbed ourselves as “the uninvited” because a friend in our circle got married and we were the only ones who did not receive invitations. Oh well, give people the benefit of the doubt, forgive, move on, and be happy.

While waiting for Abi and Kirk, Dai and I was roaming around TriNoMa when Happy Lemon and the prospect of Cocoa with Rocksalt and Cheese with extra cheese caught the attention of my bebe. Being a fan of only the “rocksalt and cheese” part, I opted for Lemon Yakult (big consumer of Yakult) which was good except I hate the lemon pulps (I don’t like pulp-y drinks. Minute Maid? No thanks).

People never get my name right. Over the years it has been spelled as “ranny”, “rany”, and my personal favorite “runny” (yes as in runny nose). If you let a child spell it though, I bet they’d be right. Guess this is a manifestation of adults complicating things. hehe.

When the two finally arrived, we rode a taxi to UP Diliman because Abi and Kirk wanted to try the famous Tapsilog from Rodic’s badly. I have been here a couple of times but we still got lost thanks to my being challenged in terms of places and directions.

As usual, the tapsilog was good and not oily though on the sweet side (I prefer salty). Note to self: next time, try Bacsilog (Bacon + Sinangag + Itlog) as recommended by Nicky.

After Rodic’s was another famous store in UP, Mang Larry’s. We had a hard time lookign for this place since people kept pointing us to any isawan visible. We want Mang Larry’sΒ dude, nothing else. A tarpaulin was asking the customers to throw the sticks in the proper place. I bet some have been pricked (and possibly died of infection, JK) by stick thrown by insensitive people. And, the place looked more appealing at ngiht. Maybe because the temperature is more bearable.

Papsi Kirk paid for our order. It was a bit burnt but who cares about carcinogens? My personal favorites were Goto and Isaw Baboy. The three of them were not as gluttonous as TLW, I ended up eating more than anyone else, prolly 10 sticks. Oh my, I’m really sorry beloved arteries.

We weren’t able to finish everything so we gave our remains to two children roaming around asking courteously for your empty plastic bottles because I appreciate anyone with good manners. How I wish the ones along Pedro Gil who stick their fingers in the hole on your can of soda so you’d give it to them learn in the future.

For something sweet, we had dirty ice cream. It was good (almost all dirty ice creams are) though a bit pricey at 20 pesos. The three of them had sugar cones while I stuck with good old cake cone that mostly came in orange and pink.

Whatever was told in front of the Oblation stays there. I am still amazed by the amount of trust people could give and receive. :]

After UP, Abi and Kirk were itching to play beer pong so we headed to a place called 173 Avenue in Katipunan (I think). Being a weekday and a semester break, we were one of only two customers (thank God). Their rate was 200 pesos per game involving 12 cups and 4 bottles of beer. Plus five pesos for every bottle if one prefers Tanduay Ice (I don’t know why because that drink sucks). I think it is overpriced (especially because they just wash and reuse the red cups) and I don’t like paying too much for anything, especially alcohol, but the four of us had so much fun and that’s what’s important.

Everyone had their share of booze but I drank the most because I suck at ball games. I was the only constant person in the losing team. Bleh, my talent is elsewhere.

Thank you Kirk, Abi and Dai! :]


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