I suddenly miss studying thanks to my HS buddies

Most of my high school friends are going home to the province for their semester breaks (yeah, among my closest friends, I’m the only one who’s a bum. The remainder are still technically students) so we decided to meet up before they leave. We lounged at the rooftop of Cza’s pad while waiting for the others. It was already past 9 pm when we pushed through with the spontaneous plan. The night was still young baby!

We collectively agreed not to have dinner beforehand but our tummies were starting to protest because it was getting late so we subsisted on these delicious Rosquillos (need to ask Cza where to buy one) temporarily.

When Nicky arrived, we ate a very late dinner at Andok’s then went to Jov’s place for our sleepover. Incidentally, his apartment number, 206 is the same as my room number in the university dorm back when I was in first year college.

Jov lent me shorts and the logo sort of broke my heart. chos.

Jayson was the last one to arrive. Despite his busy schedule especially after the fourth periodical examinations (he’s a BS education student currently teaching Grade 7), he still managed to squeeze us in. He even brought his students’ test papers because he planned on checking them after all of us were already asleep. Being good friends, we helped him correct the papers. We even had a really good laugh at some of the answers especially in chemistry where the students were asked to name the element and do the electron configuration. Most epic was “SAVE MORE” for the element Sm which actually stood for “Samarium”.

While the others were still checking the papers, I browsed Jov’s notebooks sprawled on his table, saw all the formulas and drawings of glucose and benzene and other whatnots. Ah, the things I would have studied if I pursued Biochemistry.

And just like that I suddenly missed school. This time, not only my friends and the weekly allowance but the actual learning and studying. I miss loving what I learn, finding the motivation to go on despite untoward internal and external factors and finally, understanding a concept on my own terms, not memorizing but mastering. I miss math. Actually, I am excited for the number exercises Dams said he’d let me answer for him from his NMAT review. At the same time, I’m scared because I know I wouldn’t be able to solve problems as fast and as accurately as I did before. In fact, I might not be able to solve them in the first place.


They say learning is a continuous process, we never really stop knowing and we should never stop improving. Sadly, after the board exams, my brain has not had the stimulation it needs/deserves. I haven’t picked up a book and aside from jeepney routes and other practical knowledge, I haven’t learned anything new like, let’s say, how to trade in the stock market or how to improve my grammar. Oh well papel, will look through that after my IV training.

Anyway, after checking the papers, we played pusoy dos and finally slept at 3 AM. When I woke up at 10, we again played a card game called “Go Fish”. I searched Google for the rules of the game but some specifics described in Wikipedia were different from what we played. The goal of the game is to complete as many ranks as you can (i.e. 4 jacks, 4 A’s, 4 number 8s, etc). A standard 52 deck card is dealt among the participants. The player whose turn it is to play asks any other player for his or her cards of a particular rank. For example, “Nicky, do you have a three?” or “Jayson, do you have two fives?”. The player who is asking must have at least one card of the rank he asked for in his hand (I cannot ask for a three if I do not have a three in my hand). The recipient of the request must then hand over the card/s requested, if he has any. If the recipient of the request has none, he tells the player to “go fish” and the player on the left begins his turn.

the ranks I completed in one particular game, like a boss.

When Nicks first explained the game to me, I was curious on why it was called “Go Fish”. After reading Wikipedia’s rules though, I understood. Contrary to dealing all 52 cards to the players, each should only have five or seven and the remaining cards were supposed to be sprawled in the middle and they would consist the “ocean” or “pool”. Hence, if the recipient of the request has none of the cards asked for, he tells the player to “go fish”, meaning, to draw a card from the pool. Cool.

Alanna, Jov’s college friend joined us that morning. I really enjoyed the game with my HS buddies + Alanna especially since it entailed listening, memorization, guessing and bluffing among others. When we got hungry, we ate late lunch at a carinderia nearby. I had to leave early but I think they continued playing “go fish” up to early evening.

It was a fun date. See you when I see you loves!


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