Appreciating Red Velvet at Chocolat

While waiting for friends at Mall of Asia which was our meeting place en route to Cavite for Ysa’s birthday, Rochelle and I got hungry. At the same time, we wanted to conserve space on our tummies for the great foods at the party especially the Carbonara. Hence, we just bought Gong Cha Winter Melon Tea and settled at Chocolat where the Red Velvet cupcakes, according to Rochelle, was delicious (and I learned not to question her recommendations).

Different cakes on display and they all looked yummy.

A cute frame on display. I don’t know why but this reminded me of the countless “Last Supper” decorations I’ve seen all throughout my life especially since the picture could almost always be found in a Filipino household’s dining room.

Red Velvet cupcakes with frosting. According to Rochelle, the green icing color was weird since it was usually white. As for me, I liked it especially in contrast with red. One bite and I understood all Rochelle’s hype about this little cupcake. I think the frosting used was butter cream and not cream cheese. Nevertheless, it was good and the cupcake itself was moist. And the best part was the price. It was only 35 a piece. Still expensive for a “mere” cupcake when you could already buy a pack of LemonSquare with the same amount but compared to the 50 to 60 pesos from other shops, it was a steal (I would much love to have six all to myself).

According to Wikpedia, the red color of velvet cakes (and cupcakes I assume) is achieved by red food coloring. Ekkk. I wonder how much is in one cupcake. Anyway, I believe the popularity of the food can be attributed to its color.

Thank you Rochelle for always recommending good things! :]

I wanted to stop you from speaking of carne asado fries and pineapple steaks and buffalo wings and in and out and other food in the states but I couldn’t help but listen, salivate, and encourage more stories. Hayyyyyy!


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