Gluttony at Flipped MNL, “chill” at Hollys

It all started when Rochelle posted a link with matching picture on our Facebook group.

I clicked the link and boy I was ready. CHEESEBURGER AND PASTA ALL YOU CAN!!!

We planned on going a few weeks back but most of our friends either didn’t reply to our invitation or weren’t down for it. So Nicka, Rochelle and I postponed and decided to go on October 12 so that Dai could come along.

We had a hard time locating the place. Good thing Nicka knew there was some sort of hidden wing to the ground floor. We first had to pay 299 at the counter after which the staff stamped ink on our hands.

We arrived at around half past two and almost all tables were taken. Rochelle said it was a good thing since after another couple of rounds, all of them would leave and we’d have the place to ourselves. True enough, when the clock stroke 3:00, the place was almost deserted. We were guessing most of the customers were students and they had classes to attend. Ah, the perks of being a bum — getting away from rush hours and lunch crowds.

I liked the exposed ceiling and the lights which didn’t actually had much of an effect since the sun was up and  one side of the wall was made of glass.

According to their Facebook page, the buffet spread would consist of Cheeseburger, Pomodoro, Carbonara and Tomato Cream Pasta. Unfortunately, there were only two pastas on display. One was Carbonara. I was not sure if the red one was Pomodoro or Tomato Cream, I just called it Spaghetti.

Their cheeseburger was good though I had to remove the lettuce and tomato, I love how they cut one burger in half, you wouldn’t look too glutton-y. I initially expected I’d eat a little of red sauce and mostly take on the Carbonara but I ended up the other way around. The Carbonara was okay though nakakaumay plus it had too many onions. The “spaghetti” meanwhile had a nice sour taste. And Blue lemonade > Red ice tea.

Plates post partum cebum. If only I had a US visa and enough money, I would love to try Olive Garden.

Nicka showed us a pair of sunglasses she bought at some Japanese store. The circular lenses reminded them of Lady Gaga but it reminded me of someone better named John Lennon whose birthday was 3 days ago. Of course we tried it out, an ode to him. Belated happy birthday John!

After Flipped, we went to Hollys Coffee because Rochelle said the place served good coffee. I liked this round thing that vibrates and lights when your order is ready because nobody wants to stand on the pick-up counter and wait on the barista. Also, name-calling/shouting in a fairly quiet cafe = not cool.

Rochelle’s favorite and the primary reason why we went to Hollys in the first place, Mint Chocolate. It gave justice to Rochelle’s raves.

Dai meanwhile had Black Forest. The smell was too fragrant for me but this was also good.

Since I am not a coffee person (nor a tea person. I’m a soda one), I had Belgian waffle with whipped cream. The cream was good with just the right amount of sweetness but overall, I prefer Starbucks’ because their version has strawberry or chocolate syrup at five peso less.

 According to a note on the counter, their WiFi password was SYLLOHEEFFOC. For some reason, it wasn’t working and we were to lazy to ask the barista why.

Me taking a picture of Rochelle and Dai while the latter was taking a picture of herself + her food. Ah, what people take pictures of these days.

Our conversation composed mostly of american series (breaking bad!!!), asianovelas (especially japanese and korean) and predominantly KPop (not a fan but I love their dance moves) since Hollys Coffee is a Korean franchise and it was where the series “Protect the Boss” was shot.


5 thoughts on “Gluttony at Flipped MNL, “chill” at Hollys

    1. punta na kayo ni kuya Pao dun Gi! 2 fridays na lang. hehe. yep. most of the good series I watch eh nirecommend ni Rochelle. Season 4 na ako INTENSE! :]

      1. Si Roch din nagrerecommend ng good series tho nagulat din ako na nanonood siya ng Fringe! Haha. Manood ka rin ng Fringe! 🙂

        GRABEEE. Season 4 talaga pinaka-intense. Lalo na yung season finale. AS IN.

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