September ended, October began, I am broke!

I am unemployed and currently broke. My ATM balance is a staggering 46 cents. Yes, not pesos but cents! Money would arrive again on Monday. Unfortunately, last time I checked, it’s only Friday. Good thing my father is here. All I need to do is be a good girl. I remember having extra funds when I went back from the province. Now I have no concrete idea where the money went. Looking at my previous posts tho, I realized most were splurged on food. Oh well, at least I enjoyed but I need to be more frugal next time.

On a happier note, I remember well what I did with my last 1,500.

I had dinner at Chocolate spoon with my lovely roommate Ate Clarisse (I am very thankful for my dorm family, they never fail to make me feel that I am still the bunso). We shared in an order of the all time favorite Chicken Cordon with two side dish plus two extra rice. I missed the dish! I used to consume one serving all by myself!

Our conversation stirred to my dreaded subject, employment status. One of the inspiring things she told me was to teach myself not to be affected by other people inquiring and probing and forcing me to get a job. She advised me not to rush things. After all, it is MY life and MY career. Besides, a little time off before joining the mad chase is good. That doesn’t mean I’d be lazy and lag behind, I just need not be too harsh on myself when self imposed time frames and goals aren’t always met. In God’s time, things would fall into place.

After a few hours of walking and catching up, we had Cheesecake at Cafe by Mary Grace. Ate Clarisse said their version was good. Indeed it was.

Thank you ate Clarisse for a wonderful night! I can’t wait for the day when all eight of us would be complete again!

On a different day, I again braved Morayta with Tords and Chabs for my PRC registration. Since we already printed the oath form and paid our dues in advance, our commute time one way to PRC was twice as long as the actual registration. We went directly to verification (already Step 4) then registration and voila, we were done! Thank God for LCC batch mates who never fail to update and lend a hand via our Facebook group!

We are not used to waking up early anymore. We are not used to having so much time in our hands before lunch. So we killed time at Gong Cha. GC Wintermelon Tea the best! Gong Cha IS the best. Better than SereniTea, MoonLeaf and Happy Lemon (whose tea/cocoa/coffee tastes blah without rock salt with cheese).

For lunch we were supposed to go to Hainanse Delights but Tords said her sister recommended Toastbox, a place that served similar dishes.

The interiors were better than that of Hainanese Delights. More conducive for eating, studying and relaxing.

Toastbox was pricier than Hainanese Delights and we almost left when we saw the menu but curiosity got the better of us. Tords had Hainanese Sandwich.

The crust was too hard for Tords to chew. Ha! That’s what you get for being curious. As the saying goes, it kills the cat. Seriously, worst sandwich ever.

Chabs ordered Hainanese chicken. It was so tender chewing did not need any effort. However, it was too expensive at 240 pesos. Bums like us would prefer average-tendered 100 pesos chicken over this one at any given time.

Rochelle had Pork floss thick toast set. It came with coffee and two soft boiled eggs. It tasted like the floss of Bread Talk. They’re sister companies that’s why.

I had Kaya Toast Set. The coffee was good but too strong even after we added 1/4 cup of milk. The Kaya was okay but I don’t get all the hype and “kayaddiction“. The soft boiled egg, well…

When I first cracked and tasted, it was good. And then the yolk broke, it was still okay (there’s a reason why I prefer my eggs scrambled). Then I added soy sauce and the whole thing became a challenge. I tried swallowing without chewing but I just didn’t dig it.

Our table. Despite my complaints, we still finished everything except the eggs — they gave me a hard time and I faced defeat, a slap in the face given my principle of not wasting food. I think I put a tad too much soy sauce.

Rochelle left in the middle of our meal to meet her aunt. Tords, Chabs and I looked for comfortable chairs to sit on. The only ones we spotted were reserved for Art’s Cream Gallery customers.

Strawberry, Pistaccio and Vanilla. These were okay. I think the quality of their gelato has dwindled over time. As far as I remember, their products tasted better during the first few months of their operation.

We stayed there for a couple of hours. That’s why I love these two, we could just sit in one corner without talking and we’d still have a great time. No one is forced to make conversation for the sake of talking. When we got hungry again, we went to Chicken Charlie, one place that’s always consistent.

For the last stretch of my money, I went out with my thesis mates, Rochelle and Abi.

We saw The Mistress after all the hype about the movie has died down. It was well acted and the chemistry of John Lloyd and Bea, still apparent. I appreciate their love team for not deceiving fans into cheap tricks like reel-to-real relationships for blockbuster’s sake.

Back to the film. In our society, mistresses are usually stereotyped as bitch home wreckers but Bea’s character was so family-oriented and kind-hearted she was more like a martyr than a mistress. And John Lloyd, every time I watch any of his films, I couldn’t help but have a crush on him. His character came out too strong only JLC could have prevented it from being an asshole. And Mamon is soooo cute I want to bite his cheeks off.

After the movie, we had late lunch at Sbarro because Rochelle suddenly craved for baked zitti and white cheese. The branch at Trinoma charges for extra white sauce on top of the pizza. Booya. At Robinson’s Manila, it’s free.

Rochelle shared our sentiment of being penniless and bored most days of the week. We missed you Rochelle!

Abi’s schedule is similar to mine. It’s a combination of going out with friends and rotting at home. Cheers to our currently bum life ladies!

For dinner, we decided to try 4Fingers at The Block. We went earlier to avoid the dinner crowd. The interiors were nice especially the wall art. Our order number was 24, incidentally, the day of my birth. la lungs.

We had their bestseller, 6pc wings with fries. The container of the food was cute, metal boxes with holder. The fries were a bit burnt, the way I like it, but the taste was ordinary. The chicken was good, I guess they utilized the double frying method just like BonChon and ChickenCharlie. Among all three establishments though, I still love ChickenCharlie the most.

To keep myself from feeling sad thanks to the status of my wallet, I just take refuge in the thought that money can be earned in the future but not the opportunity to spend quality time with friends. :]


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