Job well done, Hugh

My first laptop, which I named Hugh (after my adoration for Hugh Laurie) was the only thing constant all through out my college years – not my place of residence, not my thoughts and ideas, not the people I hang out with, not even myself. Hugh stood by me during sleepless nights doing school requirements, countless times of cramming, and hours spent lazily and unproductively surfing the net. More than that, my laptop served as the “shock absorber”, its keyboard smashed, its screen violently flexed, its power supply repeatedly cut off without shutting down when the programs started loading slowly, and many other forms of abuse depending on my mood (you see one of my ego defense mechanisms is displacement). Hugh has taken the blow quietly, just like what is expected of a good machine.

It already had its revenge though, for I have cried over lost files and system problems in the four and a half years of our relationship. Not to mention thousands shelled out for repair.

I’ve had software problems but I was confident because Ron was always there to help. However, the past few months, software solutions were not able to do the trick so I had the hardware diagnosed and repaired. Twice I brought it to a shop at the mall. Twice I paid 1,500 pesos for repairs, twice I was told that the problem was the video card and the “operation” done was to reset the circuit. Twice I was warned and twice I did not give a second glance to my ailing computer. Finally, it gave symptoms much worse than before. Instead of restarting every couple of minutes or not showing the appropriate colors, it became entirely unusable.

Since I lost trust to the shop where I first brought Hugh, I forced my father to accompany me to Greenhills Shopping center where, for the first time, Hugh was dissected in front of me. The technician said that after resetting the video card twice or thrice, it becomes damaged and he proved it by pointing to the card itself and comparing the color with a “healthy” one from another laptop. Mine looked worn out and was already yellowish while the other was greenish in color. Everyone talked me into swapping my laptop but I wasn’t ready so they just reset the card again and warned me that it wouldn’t last a month, I have to back up my files and start saying my goodbyes.

After almost two hours, Hugh’s screen brightened up and I saw my familiar desktop.

I read somewhere that a laptop computer is only good for up to 4 years. Well, mine went past that under my brutal hands. I hope it still lasts up to the time when I could buy another with money that I earned. For the meantime, continue fighting, my brave machine!


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