Feasts of Fury

I went to SM Manila to take advantage of the 3 day sale since I needed casual/formal clothes. There were a couple of new restaurants inside the mall and Kung Fu Kitchen caught my attention partly because the place was shouting the color red (which allegedly elicit hunger) and mostly because I like its tagline “feasts of fury” (from Bruce Lee’s film, if you didn’t know). Not to mention I’ve wanted dim sum for a couple of days now, subsisting myself on all the siomai joints I could get my hands on.

The chairs have low backrests and the tables’ motif was newspapers in Chinese characters.

The wall paintings consist of China in the 70’s, I think. On the other wall is a mural of Chinese gangsters.

The menu is extensive. Unfortunately, most are good for sharing. Since I was alone, I had an order of Xiao long bao or soup dumpling (88 php). These were okay as long as you consume them immediately. The wrappers become too thick after a couple of minutes.

I also had an order of General Tso’s chicken (89 php). The portion was generous, especially the rice which had a pasty consistency. This was quite good. Jist be careful of the sauce because itsΒ nakakaumay.

After the bill arrived, I was given a fortune cookie, a first time experience for me. This was a plus point for the restaurant. Heck, I might even come back just for the sole purpose of extracting words of wisdom from a, er, cookie. Mine read “You wont regret it.” and I might have believed the piece of paper if only the “wont” had an apostrophe. Anyway, I did not regret my meal.

Blurry picture of the exterior. Kung Fu Kitchen is located on the 4th floor of SM Manila. I read somewhere that it is part of a chain of restaurants owned my Marvin Agustin (had to mention that because I love the Marvin-Jolens loveteam). Since the menu suits an unemployed’s budget, I might be back (next time with companions) to try other dishes. For the meantime, my father arrived yesterday so I’ll just satisfy my cravings in good old Binondo.


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