One day I went on a stroll

Not sure when it started but I realized a couple of days ago that I actually like walking now which came as a surprise since I’m the type of person who’d rather spend 20 pesos and take a pedicab (passenger bicycle) than walk the 500 meters from my previous address to the university.

In the first place, it was not the activity that I hated but the environment where I was doing it – smoke belching cars, noise pollution with obscenities shouted here and there, crowded sidewalks, blatant disregard of motorists and walkers alike for traffic laws, pools of water after a shower which wasn’t even heavy in the first place, danger and paranoia for your things and sometimes, even your life, children who put their finger in the hole of your soda can so you’d give it to them, the humid and the sun, most especially the sun. I know it’s all part of the wicked charm of Manila but if only it was cleaner, colder and I don’t know, maybe less dangerous, I’m sure I would have walked its streets more often than I need to.

If only we lived in Manila circa 60s

Anyway, enough of talking about what is and isn’t there. This post is actually about the day I woke up earlier than the sun. Early enough that I was able to grab breakfast at McDonald’s before their menu was changed at 11 am.Β The nearest branch was approximately 850 meters away. Delivery was out of the question because I don’t like sagging Hash browns. Normally, I’d ride a jeepney but I didn’t have change. I had no choice but to walk and it was one of the nicest things that happened to me this week.

My morning walk was pleasant because the temperature wasn’t that high and there weren’t too many cars to cause traffic.

If only wires weren’t sticking out unattractively, the sight of buildings, no matter how plain, would be much better. And inferring further, if the view wasn’t so cramped, people would be in better moods (just like the artworks and really expensive furniture in Sims).

After weeks of not being able to meet the 11 AM deadline, hello hash brown and scrambled eggs! Hello unhealthy breakfast, in general! I drank McDonald’s coffee for the first time (not a caffeine enthusiast, unless it’s flavored) and it was bitter. Guess just like beer, it takes time to be appreciated.

I was observing other customers when the lady in black accidentally spilled her hot chocolate on her violet pants. Instead of being pissed, she laughed at her carelessness and went to the bathroom. A staff mopped the floor and she was courteous to him, mumbling a word of thanks. I don’t know, I’ve seen so many short tempered and ungrateful people in this world, the little scene made me smile.

Cheers to more waking up early and walking!


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