I *heart* Mang Inasal

I read in a random blog I visited before that the writer would never eat in the generic fast food with branches in every corner of Manila and awful food that is Mang Inasal. I disagree. Mang Inasal is generic, and there are hundreds of branches but even if it’s not the best tasting chicken inasal in the world, PM1 is far from awful.

Sta. Ana branch, though I don’t know how many are there in the vicinity.

PM 1 is paa with unlimited rice, perfect for carbo loading. In addition, you get a soup, the hotness (as in your tongue gets scald) and coldness (as in gross) of which depends on the branch but the taste is the same – definitely not broth but boiled water with flavoring and other preservatives.

In Mang Inasal, one can eat with his bare hands and nobody would bat an eyelash. Works for me because I love leaving only the bones. I don’t like wasting food you know.

In addition to the soup and unlimited rice, there is also unlimited soy sauce, oil and vinegar. Perfect for a regular Filipino diet.

The green thing contains the goodness that is rice. A staff goes around giving refills using ice cream scoop. Gives me the analogy that staff are the wardens and customers, the prisoners. Nice.

When they first offered ice scramble, it was really good with the pink colored ice, powdered milk and chocolate syrup. Then the quality went down the drain after a month. The same thing is happening with their Turon Split. The only reason why I still order one is because of my undying love for anything cheese, in this case, kesoย flavored ice cream.

When I had dinner there last night with my brother, a particular staff caught me my attention because he looked so dedicated to his work. I did not need to raise my hands for a rice refill because he anticipated the customers’ needs. For Mang Inasal (and fastfoods in general), he was good. He wore a unifrom with ย “Serving Happiness” written and a smiley drawn at the back, he deserves the shirt.

I *heart* Mang Inasal because it gives me one of the best values for my 99 pesos. Because all stores look the same and I like familiarity. Because I can survive eating lunch and dinner alternately between McDonald’s, Jollibee and Mang Inasal. Because it’s like a good friend that stood by me when I was am broke. Because it reminds me of late night meals with anyone (as long as they’re not on a diet) after the 2 to 10 pm hospital duty. Because when I can’t think of anywhere else to eat, Mang Inasal, despite being my 2nd choice no-choice fastfood never fails to disappoint (okay sometimes, when the food takes forever to be served).

To think that I once said “get lost” when Chic-boy came along, I’m sorry.


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