Doc Rav

I logged in on Facebook first thing after sleeping the whole day and I was jerked awake when I read Pags’ post in our LCC group.

I was very lucky to have Doc Rav as my professor for anatomy and physiology lab during the second semester of my first year in college. We were supposed to have the subject under Sir Tia since we met him on our first day. Then, some misunderstanding took place and we ended up with Dra. Ravara.

Anatomy Lab was one of my happiest classes during college. The activities were interesting, my most favorite being blood type determination by partner. It was our first experience with needles and blood as a class, before all the return demonstrations in nursing. In fact, I still have my souvenir from that day.

Also, Doc Rav was always busy so she leaves us on our own after giving instructions about the experiments. This fostered friendship. I remember singing Air Supply’s Making Love out of Nothing at All with Nong, all those juicy conversations with Ysa and Nikka, Ken asking my score every time a test paper is returned, the activity involving dissecting a pig’s heart, unity in answering the module, table hopping when borrowing coloring materials and many others.

Most of all, I learned most of the practical knowledge I utilize during case studies from Doc Rav. She did not lecture every meeting (for her class was laboratory) but when she does, I had information overload. When she spoke, we listened and in between parts of the human body, she injected anecdotes about being the only girl, not to mention the youngest, in a brood of 4 or 5. She even said her hands were wounded one time from washing her brother’s denim pants and she was crying to her mom, but then her siblings gave her branded bags and clothings as pasalubong so it was fine.

Last night in Diom’s birthday celebration, our conversation shifted to the future and everyone was shocked when I told my planned marrying and child bearing age. They seem concerned that I was fine with the idea of not having a family of my own, husband and kids and all. Actually, Doc Rav and Mam Ems (my high school Biology teacher) were two women who inspired me. I don’t like calling them old maids or spinsters because they were a far cry from the negative connotation of the words. They’re independent, happy, successful and loved and I don’t see anything wrong with their marital status.

Doc Rav, thank you for everything you imparted. You’re in God’s hands now. Rather than the almost-emaciated figure that you have turned into, I would like to remember you as the vibrant teacher who pronounced “umbilicus” as “um-bil-AY-cus”.

Lastly, I would always be reminded of you whenever I hear or feel “goose bumps” because you taught us that it’s simply the arrector pili msucle. :]


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