Walk and eat

One day, Mel, Tords, Chabs and I went on a foodtrip. We were supposed to go to Binondo but due to time constraints, we just stayed along Malate. I’d like to deceive myself into believing that all the calories I ate were burned thanks to all the walking we did. You be the judge. haha.

First stop was Flaming Wings. I missed their chicken wings and bleu cheese dip. Plus the excess oil in the basket that I pour over my rice. Om nom nom. No photo because my fingers were oily.

We then went to Beanhoppers Coffee. The interiors were okay. There weren’t many customers. The staff though, were not very friendly. Chabs almost rolled her eyes on one particular barista. She looked bored and irritated with what she was doing.

Vanilla frappe. Too sweet. In Chab’s words, Bear brand (a local brand of powdered milk) shake.Β While looking at the students walking past, we realized that we were older than most if not all of them. When I was younger, I thought graduating from college entailed some sort of wisdom about life. Then I realized people mature at their own pace and choice. I have a lot more to learn.

Red Velvet and Nirvana cakes at 105 each, too pricey considering the taste. I still do not get all the hype about red velvet. Maybe because Beanhoppers’ is my first and it was far from the best. A bit dry, actually. Nirvana was too sweet and dry as well.Β No, I don’t think I’m going back to Beanhoppers anytime in the near future.

Chabs and Tords. Mel and Rani. Benta lang ng Ramon Bautista quotes. I like his ideas especially about cyber bullying and being grateful. Meeanwhile, Mel was laughing real hard from MOMOL and FuBu.

We were full but Mel wanted to try Stoop’s Bagnet. We walked a couple of blocks to the place and two of us shared in one order. As usual it was oily and crunchy and delicious. After a couple of spoonfuls I gave up because I was beginning to feel my arteries clogging with fat deposits. Bagnet is good as long as you only eat one once every few months, and never during a “foodtrip” day.

From Stoops, we walked towards Rizal Stadium in search for Grand Towers Vito Cruz where our next destination was located. When we spotted the building, instead of eating again, we walked on towards SM Harrison to buy some time for digestion. Kultura stores in the Department Store had a lot of cute souvenirs.

Near the exit of the department store was Brownies Unlimited. Chabs spotted Sambos and Mel, Silvanas. Each costed 30 pesos but you could buy two for only 42 pesos. Sambos was just right in terms of sweetness and Silvanas was quite delicious.

To take a break from walking since our feet were starting to complain, we sat in a bench behind a UNICEF booth. A lady approached us, explained a bit and left with a gift from the children they serve.

We walked some more until we came upon a Bingo place. We thought of trying our luck but we were denied entrance because we looked younger than 21 years old, not even old enough to look like college graduates. The guard asked us to produce proof. We walked away and took their doubt as a compliment. Hell yeah, baby faces! haha. Picture taking with stuffed animals. Tords with the monkey. Mel with the Cheetah. Rani with the Elephant and Chabsie with something blue (a dinosaur?). Fitting, don’t you think?

When we got tired and hungry again, off we went to The Burger Project at Grand Towers Vito Cruz. The place was deserted. I am liking this trend of not being elbow to elbow with a stranger seated too close to me. Yay for spaces!

The place was cozy and chairs were comfy. There was a second floor but the lights were out so we presumed it was temporarily closed. We went to this joint because “create your own burger” sounded very promising. However, if you’re undecided, there are recommended combinations in the menu board which included Sloppiest Joe, French Lick, Italian Stallion, etc.

Of course we created our own. A checklist was provided with the different ingredients and their prices, very organized. I liked it because it appealed to the OC in me. Tords and Mel answered the sheets as if their lives depended on them. Mehehe.

I had beef patty, sesame bun, bacon, barbecue sauce and bleu cheese. Chabs and Tords shared and from what I remember, they chose Angus beef. I forgot what Mel ordered except her sauce was special burger.

The patty was delicious, juicy but not oily. Regular patty was more flavorful than the Angus beef counterpart but if you’re so into lean meat then that’d be fine. The serving was big. Tords and Chabs were still full despite eating only half. Mel was unable to finish hers. As for me, well, I consumed mine with much gusto. After all, everything in my burger was my choice.

Next time, to pay less, never mind the barbecue sauce and bacon. I would just stick with bleu cheese because it was enough. I would surely be back.

I think the place would be more successful if located along Taft Avenue. Sometimes, no matter how much you crave for something, the urge is not enough to force a lazy ass into exerting effort (and for a sedentary like me, a five-minute walk IS effort). We observed that there were a lot of crews (like six or seven even though the place was not that big, not to mention that we were the only customers) so we asked one of them for a group picture, finally.

For finale before heading home, we wanted Honeybread from Noriter. Unfortunately, it was unavailable. So we just took a leak from their bathroom and left.

No meal would be complete without dessert. Hence, we just went back from where we started, Flaming Wings, for Wicked Oreos. Vanilla ice cream serving was bigger than before!

Thanks Mel and Tords and Chabs! Until our next HOHOL (hang out hang out lang)! corny but our moods were so good we found it funny. :]

As a consequence of a day of walking and eating, I present my pinky toe blister, making my already not-so-pretty feet even less visually pleasing. Guess I wouldn’t be going anywhere for a few days.


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