Good day, sunshine!

I found myself feeling really blue a few days ago. It felt like things were closing down on me and I can’t do anything except cry like the crybaby that I am. Good thing there were people who and things which improved my mood. First and foremost is God. Next is family especially my mother. In addition, I randomly called people and the ones I least expected helped me. Writing was also effective. Despite my bad grammar, it still is a nice and relatively wholesome outlet to vent out feelings.

During my period of sadness, I learned that The Beatles and beer are good together.

After watching the variety show for the nursing week a couple of days ago, Tords, Mel and I did not want to go home yet. So we headed to Bellagio square after grabbing a quick dinner at ChickenCharlie. We were the lone customers on the second floor of Koi (which had the worst comfort room ever) and it suited us just right since we could talk without fear of eavesdroppers, naks feelingera.

A few days after, I received a message from Emman, “Girl, asan ka?“. I replied Rob. After two hours of waiting, he arrived and I mustered all my self control not to spoil the night by beating him to a pulp. We were supposed to only have dinner but decided to grab a bottle or two (actually three) along the way. I recommended Erra’s. Problem was, I couldn’t remember the exact location despite visiting the place more than once already. Hence, we walked in and around Malate with my blistered toe. Worse, when we finally found the place, it was already full. We ended up at something called “Club 300” near Remedios Circle because it had an al fresco second floor and Emman wanted open air. I liked our spot, we could watch people on the streets and cigarette smoke easily dissipated (because I hate it).

The place didn’t serve fries nor nachos nor cheese sticks nor any of the typical pulutans. Instead, they have the ever present –silog meals plus a wide selection of dishes including Lechon Kawali and Pinakbet. We ordered Tapsilog and Porksilog at 90 pesos each and they were worth it. The serving of Porkchop and Tapa were generous and overall they were delicious, Emman even commented that the latter was cooked in butter. The rice was warm. Paired with good old SanMig and some chicharon from the walking vendor and we’re good.

San Miguel Light complemented the food nicely especially with lots of ice which the staff kindly refilled more than once. Emman opted for the stronger Red Horse. I can’t help but be amazed by the built-in can opener on their buckets.

Our conversation started with catching up then maturity. I lost track afterwards. When I ranted about my siblings being messy and my impulsive behavior, he said something like “Ikaw nga panganay eh, siyempre ikaw yung ineexpect na mas mature kaysa sa kanila“. Thanks kuya Emman for keeping me in check. Also, hope I had your frugality.

The night was cut short because he had to catch the last trip bound for Los Banos. While walking all loosened up, he mentioned his new found love for The Beatles thanks to the movie Across the Universe and I was elated. At last, I have someone to share the awesomeness of the fab 4 with among my high school friends after all those years of being alone in the fandom! The jeepney ride from Malate to Taft was spent singing (not sure if loudly or softly. Basing on the stares we got, I bet the former) Dear Prudence (my current favorite) and Across the Universe (one of my all time favorites).

When we parted ways along Taft Avenue, I took out Gratus and started listening to The Beatles’ songs on my way home while staring at the road. No traffic, not too many passengers, alcohol in my system, the hum of the vehicle, Lennon and McCartney singing in my ears, and a fairly silent night all around me…it was really really nice.

The sun is up, the sky is blue

It’s beautiful and so are you…


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