2 things I should have ordered from the beginning at Bistro Ravioli

Ever since it opened a branch at Robinson’s Place Manila and caught our eyes, then our stomachs, we have been going to Bistro Ravioli if (1) we crave for pasta and pizza and (2) our remaining allowance permit it. Since my last visit, the only change is their menu — now it’s two-fold, looks better, and includes dish descriptions. Also, they now have desserts!

Though we are a bit adventurous when it comes to food, we are also the kind who stick with a dish we love. Hence, TLW always have 3 cheese ravioli, creamy carbonara, and Italian sausage and bacon pizza. Those are the only three we order every single time. It blurred out the remaining items on the menu.

A while ago, Tito Meng sent me a message asking where I was. Apparently, he was in Manila for a seminar so he treated Athan and me to dinner. We met at Rob Manila and since I was the one familiar with the place, I recommended Bistro when Tito Meng said he wanted pasta.

In addition to the three I mentioned above (they weren’t enough for us haha), we also had Diablo Wings. They were spicy and I love the dip.

dsc05864One thing I should have tried from the start though, is Salmon Ravioli in Saffron cream sauce. Β I forgot to jot it down but I remember the words “salmon” and “white wine” in the description. I like this one so much I will order it over 3 cheese next time. It’s delicious.

dsc05862Thanks to them I now have an idea on how banks make their money (which reminded me of a meme I saw in Tumblr during the height of occupy wall street that read, “Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world“) and how the stock market works, among other things.

Thanks Tito Meng! Nabusog ako! :]

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