The pasta of Tokyo Cafe

During the last few weeks of our student life, lunch breaks go as long as 2 hours giving us enough time to drive all the way to Mall of Asia and eat someplace which didn’t have a branch in Robinson’s Manila. Ysa recommended Tokyo Cafe saying it was one of her family’s favorites.

SONY DSCI wanted to try many nice looking and sounding dishes but we were on a student’s budget so we decided to order 3 kinds of pasta to at least make a small dent on the extensive menu. A serving is good for 1 to 2 persons.

Carbonara – “Creamy pasta with mozzarella cheese, bacon and mushroom”. This was okay. I love Tokyo Cafe’s noodle, thin and not too soft. Perfectly al dente.

SONY DSCShrimp Aglio Olio (had tons of laughs when we ordered this because we couldn’t pronounce properly)- “Medium-spiced pasta with hot green peppers, garlic and shrimp sauteed in olive oil”. This one was too light since I shared with Mamswa Reyma who loves extremely spicy foods. Plus it was oil based and we Filipinos are fond of strong flavors. Unlike other restaurants though, the shrimp serving was generous.

SONY DSCCreamy Ebiko Pasta – “Shrimp, karashi ebiko and cream pasta”. The best among the three! And it gave justice to the menu’s claim that it was creamy.

SONY DSCChicken in a basket – “Japanese-style crispy fried chicken served with gravy”. This was also good. Even the white meat was delicious I didn’t mind if I had the breast part. Some of us ordered rice because meals wouldn’t be complete without that staple carbohydrate. Crispy fried chicken + the chewy and immaculate-looking Japanese rice = Om nom nom.

SONY DSCI will be back to try other dishes, that’s for sure. Or maybe I’ll just have Ebiko pasta again.


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