soda and net free for a month (no. 160 and 180)

Two of my vices are the internet and caloric drinks. The former began in 2004 thanks to Friendster while the latter was present ever since I began forming memories.

I remember taking as much as 1 to 2 Liters of Coke every single day, 500 mL for my morning recess and the rest divided between the remaining meals. In college, I began drinking less and less Coca cola products but more and more substitutes that have more caloric and fat content (smoothie, frappes, unlimited iced teas, etc). Finally, to start 2012 right, I decided to be soda free last January 2, 2012. It was hard because every value meal on every darn fast food goes with carbonated drinks (heck, even food deliveries come with 1.5 L Coke). Anyway, I only lasted up to February 3 then I succumbed to the fattening devil again.

Now I’m addicted to root beer. I’ve been drinking a can or two daily for the past week. Zest-O brand sucks. As my schwester puts it, it smells and tastes like toothpaste. My favorite is Mug Rootbeer, and the bulldog mascot is cute.

dsc05824The internet was easier since unavoidable circumstances helped. I was in first year college and I lived in the school dormitory which didn’t have Wi-Fi back then. Friendster was going downhill and Multiply was the “in” site (still the best site for uploads IMHO). Every time I log in, I made it a point to write a blog. Two of the posts were more than a month apart (June 11 and July 19) which means I did not surf the net for that period of time. Funny because the two posts were about my homesickness and sudden realization that I am really enrolled in nursing. Ah, that was 4 years ago, many things have happened and changed since.

I will try to turn my back again from these vices in the future! Right now I’m so bummed I need them to be sane.


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