no. 194 – Turn my handwriting into a font

Thanks to!

The instructions were written clearly on their site and it took me less than an hour to finally have my handwriting transformed! The only things you’d need are a printer and a scanner.

First I printed the template provided in the site and filled it using a black felt pen in my handwriting. I wrote speedily because when I slow down I tend to be conscious and end up writing better. I wanted my font to be my “regular” hand with all its crookedness. I then scanned the paper gray scale at 300 dots per inch.

After that, I uploaded the file to their site, chose what I wanted to call my font (of course, “rani”), selected a format and clicked “send file”. After a couple of minutes (the wait was longer than normal but given that the service was for free, gratitude is more appropriate than complain), the page reloaded and my font was ready for download! The instruction on how to install was also comprehensive! Behold…

Since I wrote in a hurry, the letters were not aligned. If you put an imaginary line, they would sometimes go over it or just be halfway. I was tempted to repeat the procedure but my laziness overcame my OC ness. I don’t know about you but seeing my name in the font style box of MS Word made me happy.

It wasn’t exactly like my handwriting but still a decent representation. Plus, the “r” and “d” were no doubt mine. Besides, my hand changes from time to time, depending on my mood and the situation.

I made one stupid mistake though, I wrote comma in the space intended for period and vice versa. Since I was lazy to repeat, I had to make do with changing every commas to periods. I’d correct it some other time.

Just for the sake of trying, I typed (more like copied and pasted) Neil Gaiman’s famous I-hate-love quote (correcting the wrong punctuation).

I breathed the words above before. Fortunately, I found a better and truer passage that describes the four letter word everyone goes gaga about in between the pages of the best published book of all time.

Yay for the font rani! :]


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