Happy Triggers

My father gave me a WD Elements 500 GB external hard drive when I passed the board exams and I’ve been transferring files to it extensively because Hugh, my 4 1/3 year old laptop is on the verge of irreparable death and I might also die if my more or less 70,000 digital pictures arranged in 600 folders plus 3,000+ documents disappear along with it. I am an OC when it comes to files, I have this want to have the original high resolution version of all the pictures where my face is present and I pester my friends to give me a copy. I even have a list of pictures to ask from people LOL. Anyway, while checking folders, I found some photos which reminded me of epic memories, all involving food.

500 pictures in one night…

A picture paints a thousand words eh? Let the painting begin (though they won’t be a thousand, not even a hundred words long).

Times when I open the door of our old apartment and unexpectedly see Chabs and Tords with whatever take out they could bring and then us just hanging out and eating and exchanging stories.

SONY DSCThe amazing drink that is Gong Cha’s Winter Melon tea. Double the awesomeness with extra Gong Cha cream. The routine was to buy one before heading out to wherever we were eating.

SONY DSCKenny Roger’s Brownie ala Mode which I’d always associate with Dai (among many other foods). “Two orders of brownie ala mode, please serve now” is her spiel.


Red Mango’s yogurt with crushed Graham, chocolate chips and mango. Well, any form of frozen yogurt, actually.


One day, TLW decided to eat Ramen as requested by Dai who was under the influence of her addiction to Koreanovelas (ramen tapos koreanovela, labo!). She said the way they ate their noodles made it look like it was the most delicious thing in the world. We didn’t have to look far since there was Rai Rai Ken at Robinson’s Manila.


We ordered four different types of Ramen. I can’t recall what they’re called, or even what they looked like. What I do remember was the quality time we shared especially after tasting our choices. You know when, after taking a bite, you realized what you ordered was really bad and then you look at your companions and see the same reactions on their faces and you can’t do anything about it but laugh at the same time as if on cue? Yeah, that kind of quality. Not all four were bad though, I think one or two were good and I don’t trust our judgement when it comes to Japanese food because we’re practically noobs. But then the branch closed down after a couple of weeks so I guess it was really bad haha!


SONY DSCBloated but not satisfied, we went to Starbucks where Dai showed her funny hilarious, one of a kind, extraordinary talent involving saliva.

SONY DSCPost cheer dancing competition lunch with friends at Seafood Island. Hello Dapitan’s Pride, my favorite boodle! Crispy Coco Gin Shrimps, San Mig Clams, Grilled Tilapia, Grilled Squid, Laing, Steamed Crabs, Grilled Liempo and Kalkag Rice.

SONY DSCAnd the aftermath.

z (23)

Yay for eating with bare hands!

z (22)

z (1)

One of the perks of being the youngest and only undergrad in an 8-bed dorm? Free meals (aside from wise advice)! My date with Ate Bel at Kangaroo Jack last year, her treat, of course. I remember the food being salty in a bad way, the kind where you know the flavor came from too much additives. I liked their Clam Chowder though.


During the university week where lunch breaks were longer, we braved Taft Avenue many times just for a taste of Flaming Wings. The place was small we had to wait outside for a couple of minutes while other customers ate. I have nothing against diners who stay in a place for hours especially when there are many vacant tables (because we do that a lot) but when people are visibly waiting outside, you can save your conversation for another place or time.


My favorite is Original Buffalo Wings with Bleu cheese dip. They say you have to get used to the taste but I’ve loved it the first time. The chicken was flavorful and together with the dip gave that unique and interesting taste I like. It reminds me of “rotten” (pardon my lack of better term) or pinakurat or buro dishes. This meal easily occupies a spot on my most favorite list.

SONY DSCThe mash potato was okay though I am used to having gravy with it.

SONY DSCTheir most popular dessert is wicked oreos and compared with our homeroom’s version for our food booth during past university weeks, it was better especially with Vanilla ice cream. It’s nice to finish the meal with something sweet after the saltiness of the wings. Dams said the wicked oreos he makes are better but I have yet to try them.

SONY DSCFinally, who would have forgotten the epic yellow cab night at Dai’s condo? 18 inch pizza and 12 pcs of buffalo wings plus Coke! Dai was having one of her “diet” moments during that time but Dora, Tords, Chabs, Ate Susan and I managed to devour the food. Gluttony at one of its finest and cheesiest. Let the pictures explain what we felt.






SONY DSCMaybe that’s why I’m OA when it comes to pictures. I don’t trust my memory enough and at the same time, I want every cherish-able moment to have some sort of stimuli. People have different triggers though, a friend told me songs work better for her than pictures.

P.S. My first choice for the title was trigger-happy. Good thing I searched for its definition and found out via Free Dictionary that it means: “Inclined to react violently at the slightest provocation” and “tending to act rashly or without due consideration”.


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