September Shiver + Sugar Rush

I like September, it’s the first -ber month (one has an excuse to play Christmas songs on end) and when I was still a student, it was the beginning of the countdown for the semester finals.

I sent a group message to my high school friends inviting them for a movie date last September 1 because I haven’t seen them in a while. Only Cza, Rins, Katie and Lil were available but our small number did not stop us from having fun.

We first met up at SM Manila to claim Cza’s gift certificate for an Ice Cream Cake.

hs-loves-1-4We encountered a small problem. Apparently, it was stated in the terms and conditions that reservations should be communicated with the number provided 3 days before claiming the item. Cza did not read that. After more or less 30 minutes of pleading and kissing ass, the staff was kind enough to let us have the darn cake. We chose Black Forest flavor.

hs-love-4We then decided to have dinner at Kenny Roger’s and had the cake for dessert. We learned the hard way that ice cream cakes are almost impossible to slice without ruining the design. Also, you only buy what you can consume because it melts (duh), not possible for bringing home or “eating later”. I’m not sure if Bake and Churn’s cake was bad or we just had too much our taste buds were numbed.

hs-love-5Good thing a boy selling yema went to our table. We bought his product and gave him cake.

hs-love-6We killed time at Kenny’s while waiting for the showtime of Amorosa. It was really nice catching up with old friends. Besides, we were a diverse group in different fields!

hs-loves-1-2Amorosa: The Revenge was a decent horror movie bordering on drama. Of course there were cliches like moving furniture and stupid decisions and pseudo bravery and gloomy settings but it was enjoyable. And for the first time I appreciated Enrique Gil’s handsomeness. I like the twist with Martin Del Rosario.

We saw the film on its first week and as expected during the first few days after a film’s release, the house was packed and my fellow moviegoers almost ruined my experience. It just gets on my nerves when the person in front tinkers with her phone with the light directly hitting my face. Also, nobody’s asking for the opinion or insights of the people behind. I have eyes and I need not be reminded in a loud manner what just transpired on screen (tumakbo siya! Nalaglag! Sumigaw! Huminga!). That’s why I prefer seeing films a week or two after release on a last full show, where less than a dozen people sit as far away from each other as possible. Plus, on the first week, there are cameras waiting for you outside the cinema asking for comments. Hence, the traffic.

hs-love-7Kate, Lil and Rins couldn’t get over some parts of the plot due to plausibility reasons. Cza ended the talk before it turned into an argument by saying that we saw Amorosa to have fun and be stupidly scared and not to dissect and question. Come to think of it, she was right. Some films are meant to just be blindly enjoyed. Don’t think, just watch. To lessen the heat, I stirred the topic to an Enrique Gil appreciation conversation.

After strolling around the mall, we went to Cza’s place for a sleepover. It was raining and Cza had the brilliant idea of walking in the rain. When the drizzle stopped, we continued the activity on the building’s rooftop with faucet water. Talk about being energetic thanks to the sugar rush from the ice cream cake.

We were exhausted afterwards and with the last bits of glucose finally wearing off, we settled in, talked some more, surfed the net and eventually slept.

With my high school friends, I am always reminded of a quote I read somewhere saying that real friendships are the kind where you don’t see each other for months or even years yet when you get together, it’s as if that long stretch of time never happened. True that!


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