No turning back

We had our oath taking ceremony last Friday at the Chapel of the Crucified Christ. It was like some sort of reunion, I saw most of my batch mates for the first time since the licensure examination. It was nice to see us wearing our gala uniforms (thank God mine still fit) again.

We first celebrated the Thanksgiving Mass before the oath taking proper.

SONY DSCBoard of Nursing member Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas officiated the ceremony. Before the actual pledge, he first imparted a message saying that after we take our oath, there would be no turning back. He added that most of us have different reasons and motivations in taking up nursing but it was not a coincidence that we were where we were. According to him, out of the 67,000 who applied for the test, only 60,000 showed up on the actual day of the exam and out of that number, 27,000 passed. Who knows how many would practice nursing but with or without jobs, a nurse would always be a nurse.

SONY DSCAfter the ceremony was the customary taking of group pictures.

SONY DSCWith seatmates


SONY DSCDutylicious! finally, all 10 of us present.

SONY DSCFriendddsssss! We miss Kirk who was unable to attend because of Med school.

SONY DSCAnd my lovely thesis mates sans Pat with Rochelle fresh from California.

SONY DSCWe then proceeded to the canteen for a salo salo care of the College of Nursing and Allied HEalth Sciences! Yay! Thank you very much to the CNAHS family especially to the Clinical Instructors and Dean Reyes! :]

SONY DSCFinally, I had a picture taken with Sir Sto. Tomas himself who was the Community Health Nursing specialist among the Board of Nursing members before I headed home. He is my favorite BON even if NP2 (CHN) was my lowest grade in the board exam at 78.ย After some time, Ms. Fe, the college secretary, started distributing our Oath forms signed by BON Sto. Tomas.

page22Only the formal registration at PRC and I’m good to go. I guess there really is no turning back.


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