I need space

I remember an episode of the series How I Met Your Mother where Marshall and Lily, after returning from their visit to Lily’s grandparents’ home in the suburbs, felt that their New York apartment Dowisetrepla appeared smaller and more cramped than they remembered.

I had the same sentiment after arriving from the province. I was used to the solitude I get when I go in a room and lock the door. It was impossible here in Manila since we are staying in a 23 square meter (roughly 250 square feet) studio type apartment.



SONY DSCInstead of being irritated, I was laughing and after re-acquainting myself with the place, my sentiment was gone. Life depends on how you make it. We should thank God for our blessings instead of looking for what we do not have. After all, even if few are living in 175,000 square foot mansions, some are contented with 90 square foot apartments.


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