Senescence and spontaneity

Ever heard of the theory that spontaneously planned meet-ups turn out awesome? Well, this is an example.

Yesterday, I woke up at noon to a couple of missed calls and text messages from Dams and Ramm. The latter just arrived from the province and was asking for a get together. 30 minutes later, I found myself looking for that familiar tall and dark figure amid a swarm of people in LRT 1. Finally I saw Ramm and accompanied him to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Baclaran since it was a Wednesday.

dsc05733The place was beaming with people from all walks of life and I am amazed by the lengths that they go through just to pay respect to their belief. Ramm and I lighted some candles which could be bought for 2 pesos each. Actually, the candles operated based on honesty, you could get a dozen and not pay.


dsc05729After the visit, we met up with Dams at Mall of Asia. We had late lunch at Dennis the GrillBoy since we had an hour to kill before seeing Bwakaw.

dsc05743Ramm had Sisig which was decent, good even, considering the price.

dsc05739I had the usual Liempo with the special sauce, always a delight. The cheesy garlic (?) condiment makes up for the fatty meat.

dsc05736Dams, on the other hand, only had Buko Pandan because he was allegedly on a “diet”.

Next we headed to Cinema 5 for Bwakaw, recommended by Ramm after he saw the trailer and the rave reviews when it was shown during the 2012 Cinemalaya Film Festival.

Actually, I don’t think Bwakaw (the dog) was the main character in the movie. Of course it was Rene since it was his story I saw and his loneliness and happiness I shared. Rene played by the great Eddie Garcia was a 75 year old grumpy old man who only accepted he was gay five years prior and who lived alone in an ancestral home.

Rene could be described as someone who was so preoccupied with his destination that he forgot to enjoy the ride. This was beautifully presented in the obsession with the last will and testament, and his belongings packed in boxes with the name of the intended recipient written on them.

Though Dams and I were teasing Ramm on his choice of film (because he said it was comedy and we expected something like Zombadings), I was moved by the story that I even cried three times (thankfully not getting the attention of my friends). I don’t know, I just have a special place in my heart for old people especially those who are alone. Maybe because being a spinster is one of the possible futures I see myself living. The scene of Rene and Amelia (who were former lovers though theirs was not the only interesting love story in the movie) was so sad especially when she said “dito, may mag aalaga sa iyo pero walang magmamahal” (here, someone will take care of you but not love you) pertaining to the home for the aged.

The film wasn’t all tears though. After all, it was marketed as a Dramedy or the fusion between drama and comedy. The pinnacle of laughter was the coffin scene. Anything with the flamboyant gays were funny. I liked that the director did not make solitude look all sad and gloomy. After all, some people are alone because of personal choice more than anything else.

The scene where Rene took out all his belongings out of the boxes and used them again, transforming his horroresque old house into a light and beautiful place to live in was for me, the best part of the film. The ending, I also love. It was happy but not 100%-everything-was-fine happy. Reiterating the fact that we cannot get everything we want.

The movie ended at around 7 pm, it was time for dinner! But first we bullied Ramm over the words “Ice Skating Rink”. Teaching ourselves the valuable lesson that committing mistakes once in a while doesn’t kill. Also the beauty of laughing about instead of sulking over it.

Dams wanted to roam around Ayala Triangle and I was tempted with the idea of Banapple for dinner but Ramm, the practical one, said it was, well, impractical. We ended up eating at Sbarro paid for by Ramm even if he celebrated his birthday more than a month ago. Yes, we like extorting money from friends! Thanks Ramm! White pizza and Baked Zitti om nom nom!

dsc05747We walked along seaside after dinner. I missed the place. Last time I walked the path, I was still a student and I was with Dai.

We rode some sort of bus that went around clockwise and counterclockwise. It was more fun than it appears to be. I could feel my heart skip a bit and the contents of my stomach rose up.

dsc05760Dams tried Bungee Fun to Ramm and my delight because we mocked him for his inability to do a somersault. He was the only one who did try. Ramm was scared and I was traumatized because the last time I attempted, the harness wouldn’t fit me and I was teased obese the whole night (and the next few days).

dsc05768After all the adventures, we were hungry again but our funds were running low. So the three of us shared in one order of Chili con Carne fries and Special con yielo at Icebergs.


dsc05782With no more money to spend and the feeling of not wanting to go home yet, we had a little experiment involving eyes and lips.

With the special participation of one of the most tantalizing eyes in the world :]

Finally decided to go home at 1 am. Thanks Dams and Ramm!


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