no. 175 – Table for 1 please

Inspired by the Tumblr blog Table for 1.

After my 1 pm appointment at the Department of Foreign Affairs for my passport renewal which lasted up to 4 pm (my number was 2802, when I arrived, the counters were serving somewhere in 2300), I was starving because I woke up late (as in 12 noon late) there was no time for breakfast, or lunch, or brunch. Good thing I was planning on trying out Cafe Adriatico near Remedios Circle.

I was not able to take a picture of the facade because there was a drizzle but I found this photo via Google from LJC restaurants’ website.

The place looked larger from the outside. Maybe because half of the first floor was utilized as a kitchen. Brown and wood were the predominant color and texture. The lighting was a bit dim and in combination with the slight drizzle outside which could be seen from the glass windows, it was comforting and nice.

SONY DSCI was the lone diner at 4pm on the first floor which suits me just right but I saw a couple of people go up on the second floor. In fact, the waiters only noticed me after I seated myself in a corner like an assertive costumer.

SONY DSCThe service bread was fine but the butter was a huge improvement. Or was I just starving?

I had French Onion Soup – made of beef broth with caramelized onions, bread and Gruyere cheese topping. I love the cheese, a wonderful and chewy twist to the soup but I found the broth a bit salty.

SONY DSCI also had the famous Chocolate Eh! It was very rich and thick. At first I thought the serving was small only to realize later that it was just right since you don’t drink this one like Milo. Probably not gonna order it again. I don’t like the rough texture I feel afterwards.

SONY DSCFor my main I ordered Chicken a la Kiev – deep fried chicken breast stuffed with parsley and butter and served with vegetables and mashed potato. According to Wikipedia, this dish either originated from Ukraine or Russia. The chicken, despite being white meat was tender and flavorful and I was sort of glad when I saw melted butter oozing after I cut it. The mashed potato tasted like it was cooked in chicken broth and believe it or not, I ate my greens (broccoli and beans) because they were bearable.

SONY DSCI wanted to try their desserts but I was so full from everything I ate though I’ve experienced eating much more in the past. I guess the study saying that eating slowly would make you eat less is true, I savored every bite of my “alone” meal. The service was neither bad nor good. Maybe it was too early and the waiters only become enthusiastic at around dinnertime and maybe they weren’t accustomed to lone diners. Oh well papel.

SONY DSCThe people watching, the alone time, the non-need to talk/make conversation and etcetera — I enjoyed this item in my bucket list. I read an article from Yahoo! before about some tips to lessen the awkwardness when dining out alone (in other words, how to not make yourself look like a loser loner) hence, the earphones. Next time I’ll bring a good book. Next time because I am definitely doing this again.


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