Pessimism and Tapsilog

Back in Manila, goodbye to home cooked meals and hello again to fast foods and other microwave-ables. One time, I went home and saw a flyer on my doorstep.

The other night, I decided to order because I was too lazy to even go down the 7eleven store literally just outside the building complex. I sent a message to the number given and ordered 1 Tapsilog requesting that the egg be scrambled, 1 burger and 1 coke in can. 10 minutes and still no reply. After another 5 minutes, Cathy replied saying burger was not available. I said it was fine as long as there was Tapsilog and Coke, nevermind that I already craved and anticipated for the burger. After a couple of minutes, she sent me a text using a different number saying Coke in can was unavailable as well. I started to be disappointed but did not let it ruin my dinner mood so I said ZestO juice drink or any other would do. After ages (again), she finally realized and told me no form of drinks whatsoever was available. Since I was hungry, I still continued with my order even though I badly wanted to cancel.

I waited for the Tapsilog with pessimism. I bet the egg would not be scrambled, the Tapa would be bad and leather-like, the rice would be cold, the serving portion would be too little for 50 pesos, and the delivery would take ages when it’s only coming from one or two buildings away.

Gladly, I was wrong.

It arrived after 15 minutes, the portion was sufficient, the Tapa was tender (albeit not exactly the best), the rice was warm, and most especially, the egg was scrambled! I added the lone cup noodle I found in the cabinet and the combination was enough to satisfy me for dinner. I was happier than expected.

Guess one good thing about pessimism is the fact that you always expect the worst, even a slight improvement makes you giddy. I remember a self-proclaimed pessimist friend of mine who told me that high expectations (or simply expectations) lead to disappointment.

I was a pessimist before but I found it to be too bleak and sad. Now I’m trying to be one part realist and most parts optimist (okay with a little dash of pessimism). :]


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