Without wax

I learned about the etymology of the word “sincere” in one of Pastor Nixon’s preaching. It came from the Greek words sine and cera meaning “without wax”. In Ancient Rome, before the possibility of cameras and photographs, people would hire sculptors to make their three dimensional representation. Some of these sculptors, when they commit an error (slam the hammer too hard the nose falls off, etc) used wax to cover the flaws (because really, who wants to start over again?). Ergo, “without wax” means being true and pure.

After more or less 50 days, I would be leaving again for Manila tonight. The laid-back and rustic lifestyle in the province crept up on me and I’m afraid I’m not used to the fast-paced, pollution-stricken, always-be-on-guard city life anymore. More important, I realized during my stay that it is the small things that count.

I blame it on books but I’ve always wanted something more, something extraordinary like the tales I imagine while reading. I wanted more adventure, a better family, another background, a better everything. Of course it is not a sin to aim higher but when your eyes are so focused on those things that you forget the blessings that you already have, not only are you a transgressor but an ungrateful one at that.

Though I’m sure I’d experience post-hometown-vacation stress disorder for a couple of days, I’d come back again and again because home keeps me grounded. There’s no such thing as a boring place. After all, life is just a matter of perspective. Instead of looking at things and naming them common, why not look at ordinary things in an extraordinary way?

Like my godson chewing his forefinger? cutiepatootsie!

SONY DSCOr the delicious kakanin sold by walking vendors?

SONY DSCOr the way I experimented with DC my camera and took this photograph which turned out nice (in my opinion)?

SONY DSCOr the fact that Native chicken, when cooked into Tinola, has this certain yellowish color?

SONY DSCOr that Pangs looked ghostly here (albeit not scary)?

SONY DSCOr the way Pangs held Shoti’s hand because my brother still sucks on his fore and middle fingers?

SONY DSCOr the icteric (yellowish) appearance of their skin when I used “sunny” mode in my Sony Nex-3?

SONY DSCOr my brother about to put his fingers in his mouth again because Pang’s couldn’t see?

SONY DSCOr the way that Pangs stroked Uglee’s hair while watching Vic Sotto (his idol) hosting Who wants to be a millionaire?

SONY DSCOr Uglee’s face in this picture? so fat I’d have a great time biting off those cheeks.

SONY DSCWe are a loud (literally. Shouting is common) and informal household. Loud mostly because my 50-year old father has the hearing capacity of an 80-year old (according to the EENT) and partly because we’re a bit dysfunctional in terms of communication. Informal because my parents are too lenient and we, the children, unconsciously know that we have power over them. Oftentimes when the noise becomes too much, I wish to not be where I am. But when the sound subsides and we’re back on track, I tell myself “No”. Thank God because I don’t want to be in any other family but this one, not perfect and sometimes embarrassing but without wax. :]


3 thoughts on “Without wax

  1. “There’s no such thing as a boring place. After all, life is just a matter of perspective. Instead of looking at things and naming them common, why not look at ordinary things in an extraordinary way?”

    Very well said! Seeing your post makes me wanna go home even sooner.. I’ll be having a vacation in the Philippines this November. I’m so excited 🙂

    1. Thank you! home would always be where it is so there’s an excuse to explore the world hehe. I hope you enjoy your vacation in our country! :]

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