Hello metal in my mouth!

I wore braces before. Had it removed even if my teeth weren’t perfectly aligned yet because I was to live away from my dentist and I couldn’t make the monthly appointment (not that I did when I lived nearby, hehe). A month ago I found out my wisdom teeth were erupting. Good news for my ego, bad news for the alignment of my teeth.

Unfortunately, my dentist couldn’t extract them. She wanted to refer me to a hospital in Manila but I said no thanks because I was afraid of general anesthesia, being helpless and in the hands of strangers. So, we decided to wait. Wait for pain, wait for inflammation, soreness or whatever the long-term effects would be. If I find them unbearable, maybe I’d change my mind about the operating room or by that time, Dra. O could already manage them. In the meantime, she put some metal on the back of my lower teeth to prevent, if not lessen the crooking.

I was fine with it except when uttering words with an “s” or the thought that I’d have to find a new personal style in devouring a burger or anything too hard. Add that to having to double check because food becomes stuck in between those spaces and the fact that it feels uncomfortable. No, erase what I typed earlier because I’m not fine with it.

My dentist told me that if one end of the metal becomes loose, I’d have to remove it entirely. I can’t really wait for that to happen, will think of the consequences some other time.


2 thoughts on “Hello metal in my mouth!

  1. I wore braces before, too, and was required to wear retainers after. Worse part is.. I lost the retainers. Worst part is.. I Iost it before the required time to wear it ends. Now I’m scared my teeth’s gonna be misaligned again.

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