Bruce Lee saves the day

Have you watched action films where the hero single-handedly defeats a whole battalion of goons? Where he always fires a perfect single shot to the head while the thugs who are sometimes “professionals” cannot even fire decently point blank? I always had a hard time believing the lead roles are close to invincible. That is, until I saw Bruce Lee in action.

Compared to movies currently made, I must say that his films (or at least the 2 that I’ve watched) fared a bitΒ bad in the technical department. The image quality was far from HD and the sound was not crisp. Also, I expected them to be 70% martial arts and 30% talking and not the other way around.

How come I sat through two films then and am determined to see the remaining four? Because the 30% fighting scenes were very worth it, three reasons to be specific.

1. He’s real. Unlike most action stars today, Bruce Lee filmed his own stunts. In fact, he even choreographed them. After all, he’s a martial arts instructor. I don’t mind actors having doubles but I really appreciate the ones who don’t employ such.

And have you seen him with a Nunchaku? He’s so good I understand why his opponents, after seeing him play with his armor have that one-second hesitation before attacking again.

2. He can act. No, I’m not referring to the funny sounds he makes though they add another layer in the reality of the fight scenes and I find them quintessentially Bruce Lee. I’m talking about the time he jumped on top of (and killed) the guy responsible for his sister’s death in Enter the Dragon with what I can only describe as spasms. Also the amount of control he exhibited not to beat the hell out of the Japanese interpreter in Fist of Fury. I’m not much of an acting judge, all I know is that I believed in the characters the played.

3. He’s handsome. With his rather small (compared to his enemies) and beautifully sculptured body, who would have thought that this guy can take on 20 men at a time? If you ask me, he was more like a very possible candidate for bullies. That’s why I find him charming. I like his innocent-boyish-fresh-off-the-boat look especially during combat. Oh, you don’t think he’s attractive?

In NatGeo’s words, think again.


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