Unlike most of my friends whose parents work in a corporation or a hospital, mine are non-professionals. They own a small business situated in the public market of our town (which, sadly, will be renovated to cater to the evolving needs of a city). Despite that, I can say that my life is comfortable. Financial needs are met and I have not experienced any of the teleserye-worthy scenarios which haunted me before (i.e. being poorer than rats and having to beg for alms, not having enough money to buy food. You get the scene). Of course not having dough was a usual occurrence in my 4-year college life and once or twice (okay, maybe 10 or 11 times), I have resorted to money-borrowing but it can be attributed more to my lack of financial skills than my parents’ capacity of providing.

In short, problem in the money department was almost non-existent though we are not rich. For 20 years, our humble canteen has provided for all our needs — bills, tuition, miscellaneous, everything. When I tell my friends that, they don’t believe me. Come to think of it, I sometimes have doubts myself. How can a 10-peso pancit and 20-peso spaghetti add up to an 80k school fee plus weekly allowance? Either my parents have some under-the-table illegal source of income or they’re really badass in budgeting.

What I realized in my 46-day stay in the province is the fact that my parents are not able to give what they do single-handedly. There are people behind them, people who have stayed with us as long as 20 years and as short as 1 week. People who literally saw us grow and, in some way, helped in putting food on our table.

With my success in the local board examination, I don’t only have God, my parents, family, and friends to say thank you to. I extend my gratitude to them, who work for us day in and day out.

Salamat po! :]


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