Will you kiss me?

An idea popped in my head. For the next few days, I’m going to remember tiny bits of films and series episodes that struck me in the past to divert my attention away from Sherlock.

The first is from the movie The Graduate. It was from the 60s and tells the story of a recent university graduate who didn’t know what to do with his life (sounds familiar, huh?) seduced by an older woman. Problem was, he later fell in love with the cougar’s daughter.

The finale (you know, girl and boy at the back of the bus looking happy at first then doubtful/blank afterwards) has been immortalized but it was not my favorite. I was searching for a video of the part where I “raped” the replay button but to no avail. Apparently, I’m the only one (or there are few of us) who was moved by what I fondly call the “will you kiss me” scene.

Nighttime. Ben is asleep. Someone entered his room and he wakes up.

E: Benjamin?

B: What?

E: Will you kiss me?

He covers himself with a sheet, comes near Elaine and kisses her. Then he put his arms around her neck and yawns.

B: Will you marry me?

B: You won’t?

E: I don’t know.

Elaine put her hands on top of Ben’s.

B: But you might?

E: I might.

B: Is that so? You might marry me?

E: Yes.

B: When?

E: I don’t know.

B: How about tomorrow? I don’t mean to be pushy but –

Elaine hugs Ben.

E: I don’t know. I don’t know what’s happening.

B: You mean you’re confused? Well, look, don’t be confused. We’re getting married.

E: I don’t see how we can.

B: We just can.

They move towards the bed, still hugging each other.

E: I have to go now.

Elaine opened the door.

B: Elaine, are you serious about this?

E: I’ll think about it.

B: You really will?

E: Yes.

Elaine leaves. Ben goes back to bed yawning. When he was out of the frame he said

B: Oh my God.

I don’t know why but I really like it. Ben’s naive questions, Elaine’s confusion, the subtlety as well as the intensity of their love which I saw on the way they embrace each other — passionate but not sexual, Ben’s yawn right after he kissed Elaine, Ben just getting on his senses and saying OMG when he realized that Elaine might marry him, everything. It’s romantic and funny at the same time.


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