Rani + RN – no. 203

After 36 days of waiting, the list of successful examinees of the July 2012 Nursing Licensure Examination was released this afternoon. Out of 60,895 takers, 27,823 passed and I am one of them thank God! In addition, St. Paul University-Manila has a passing rate of 96.23%.

I left my phone in our house and was helping out in the canteen. I went back home and was running for the bathroom to take a dump when my phone vibrated. It was Nicky calling and he delivered the good news.

Frankly speaking, my reaction was usual, happy but not too much that I’d cry. When I told my parents though, especially my mom, her reaction put mine to shame. She was ecstatic and it was contagious so the level of my gladness increased.

The next hours that followed comprised of liking posts on Facebook, replying to text messages, answering calls and typing words of gratitude. It was awesome. On a sad note,Β I was a bit gloomy when I heard that four of our batch mates did not make it. I know God has better plans for them.

I am now very curious with my board rating especially test V because I kinda rushed that one and it gave me doubts and regrets.

Congratulations to the new Philippine RNs! Hope that all, if not most of us, get whatever jobs we want.


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