I’m *Can’t put the title I thought of because it’s a spoiler!* argh.

I have been a fan of Sherlock Holmes ever since high school. I’ve read Doyle’s four novels and am in the process of finishing the canons. I’ve watched episodes of Conan, the anime based on Sherlock as well as the movie starring Downey. And then Sherlock, the BBC series, came along.

Rochelle mentioned it to me a year ago because she knew I would appreciate if not love the series. Problem is, I was too lazy to acquire a copy. People always recommend things to me but I wanted them handed down, no effort needed except to pop in the DVD, hit play and voila! Hence, I wasn’t able to watch the series until I was home in the province and semi-bored with the internet, both a bad and good decision. Bad because I watched it lafe and I should have been able to talk about it with other enthusiasts, now I have no one except my blog. Good because the agony of waiting for the third season was less. Imagine the longing if I saw it last January.

I finished the two seasons in two days, one if my mother had not seen me at 3 am still in front of the computer. There were only three 90-minute episodes for every season and I was wishing for the creators to please produce more and write more but then a thought occurred: would it have been as good if there were, let’s say 20 episodes of 20 minute each? I don’t think so.

Beginning from the unaired pilot episode up to The Reichenbach Fall I was hooked. Did I mention that it was funny? Oh hello, 221B Baker street!

I was so helpless giggling and squealing (like an idiot) were the only things I did during the first few minutes of the unaired pilot. There’s something about seeing a modern day adaptation of a novel you read set in the late 1800s up to early 1900s, where people meant horse-drawn carriage when they say “cab”, where fingerprinting did not exist as well as surveillance cameras and cellular phones.

And Benedict Cumberbatch, those blue eyes and high cheekbones, as the image I saw on Tumblr said, OVARIES EXPLODED! It’s not just Sherlock, the cast was really awesome. There’s Moriarty (Andrew Scott and his chilling baby talk) and Mycroft (Mark Gatiss who is also the writer of the program), Irene (Lara Pulver) and of course John (Martin Freeman whose pain in the last episode I felt) all doing their parts wonderfully. The chemistry between Sherlock and John was so apparent I would not be surprised nor sad if they end up together.

I am tempted to share the things I love about Sherlock (which was almost everything) but that would lead to spoilers and I don’t want to tamper with the experience of those who haven’t seen the series. Not that it would make it any less. I watched the two seasons twice in two days (well, the second one was actually forwarding to my favorite scenes and crying and being amazed all over again) but they were still good.

I am not good at reviews and thousands have been expertly written about the series. What I know is that though the plots were loosely based on the original (of course a giant hound wouldn’t work today), injecting some items or even names elicit in me a feeling of nostalgia. Like, when Sherlock went home blood stained (more like soiled) holding a harpoon, I remembered the Adventures of Black Peter. Or when John was writing about the Greek Interpreter, the story came flashing back to me and of course, upon reading the title of the finale of Season 2, l knew it would be The Final Problem.


Everyone should watch at least an episode of this series once in their lives. And if you’re thinking of really watching just one episode, I suggest A Scandal in Belgravia (and you’d understand my title) or A Study in Pink. But I doubt if you won’t succumb to the prospect of finishing the series afterwards. :]

Ugh. I might spoil one of these days. Can’t really tell when the impulse attacks and I really really really want to talk about it.

P.S. Read from Google that Season 3 would be filming early 2013 so it would be shown late 2013 or early 2014. Plus, Mark Gatiss already confirmed he would be writing the premiere episode based on “The Adventure of the Empty House”. Of course, what else could it be.

P.P.S. I can’t help but post pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch. Images taken from CumberLordΒ (instant Tumblr follow) and benedictcumberbatchwebsite.


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