In which I try to answer “what is God to a non-believer?”

Disclaimer: This post is not about the song “No Church in the Wild”.

It all started with this picture reblogged by a friend in Tumblr, the origin of which I traced back to a certain user named waerlogas.

My initial reaction was to bite my lip to keep the excessive saliva from dripping on my keyboard.

Then I saw past the yummy potatoes and I read what I later found out was the chorus to the song “No Church in the Wild” by Jay-Z and Kanye West. I’ve listened to it once and I’ve read a couple of conflicting views as to the real meaning behind the lyrics. In my opinion, songs, like language are arbitrary and relative. What one can make out of the words (no matter how shallow and literal — guilty person here) is his own interpretation and no self-proclaimed connoisseur – not even the songwriter himself – can contend to that. For example, I think “I am the Walrus” was about a shape-shifting person plus blabbers of someone on an acid trip, but I digress.

So the particular statement “what is God to a non-believer” caught my attention and it stuck like a head lice sticks on your scalp. Then I remembered a particular thought Pastor Nixon imparted while preaching on the topic of obeying God’s will which was a satisfactory answer for me.

What is God to a non-believer? In the perspective of an atheist, literally speaking, nothing but in the grand scheme of things, God would still be Lord over everyone, even those who do not believe His reality. Take gravity for example, an idiot who thinks the concept is a myth propagated by Newton is still under the law of gravity. No matter how convicted he is in his belief (or absurdity), he would not float. If he drops a glass it would still break and if he jumps off a 100-storey building he would still die. Not believing in something universal does not excuse one from the fact that it is, well, universal.

So better believe in gravity than be ignorant and suffer, right?


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