Six Awesome Things

1. Teaching your father how to use the computer


and having this kind of reaction in return.


In my religious education class back in college, Fr. Dong made us watch a short film entitled “What is that?” and I felt really guilty afterwards because Pangs has always asked me to teach him how to use the computer to which I always excused that I was too busy. Even if he couldn’t teach me much in terms of academics, I learned a lot of practical things from him.

2. Your parents wearing the same color and smiling joyously at the camera.


3. The amazing program that is IBM’s SPSS (Statistical Program for the Social Sciences)/PASW (Predictive Analytics SoftWare) and the 14-day free trial.Β 

My aunt asked for my help in answering her epidemiology/biostatistics project. When I saw the questionnaire, I thought it was too much for me (I have no idea about SPSS and regressions and specificity and odds ratio among others). Thank God for YouTube tutorials and the internet.

SPSS is so cool. In one click, you can get the Pearson Correlation of your data.

Plus, you have the choice of including a scatter diagram, histogram and a million other things with your result. Even though I did not sleep for two days just to meet the deadline and the problems gave me really bad headaches (bad enough that I vomited a couple of times), I could say that I enjoyed the little exercise because it proved to be a very welcome change to my somewhat monotonous vacation. In addition to that, my brain was jerked awake since I had to study (or at least skim) many concepts.

If I have extra dough, I will definitely buy a licensed version.

4. Jeepney rides in the province. One because Jeepneys are part of our culture and they’re the primary form of transportation and two because drivers in the province don’t force passengers to squeeze themselves in (commuters in the metro almost always end up too close with each other). Again, no intrusion of my personal space people. Also, no fear that some robber will grab your phone and run or worse, will threaten you with something sharp, take your gadget and walk away coolly as if nothing happened.


5. Dancing traffic enforcers. I was amazed one or two years ago because I was welcomed by loud music and traffic enforcers who were dancing to its beat when I arrived home for the semester break.


Seriously, thumbs up to whoever came up with this idea. It never fails to plaster a smile on my face no matter how foul my mood is. It helps that the enforcers are performing their jobs with much enthusiasm and gusto. Manila should adapt the concept since there’s an abundance of hot-tempered motorists in the area. And the music, so annoyingly catchy!

6. Rewarding yourself with the non-healthy foods you love after working your ass off. While helping my aunt out in her assignment, I promised to pamper myself especially my taste buds when I’m done. After submitting, I dragged Shoti and off we went to the mall. I bought Lay’s Salt and Vinegar flavor and Mug rootbeer plus a McDonald’s meal. I finally satisfied my Twister Fries craving. I’m not really into this seasonal offering but the hype was contagious. And of course, plain old cheeseburger.


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