5 things I realized from my dental visit today

Call me bias but I really think I have the best dentist in my area. I’ve had her back when I was still wetting my bed and thank God, I never experienced the fear other children had after their first dental visit. My mother has spent thousands on me and my siblings’ teeth, from jackets to plastic fluorides to retainers and metal braces, Dra O’s service was worth every cent.

Why do I think she’s the best? Well, she gave us toys in exchange of sitting still for a couple of minutes. And I don’t recall feeling any pain in all the tooth extractions that she did to me. I remember, my father once brought my schwester Ronz to another dentist for a deciduous tooth extraction and she was traumatized. During our next visit, good thing Dra was patient because despite being just a kid, my sister was a perfect definition of hell breaking loose.

3 years ago, I was anxious to death because I was to undergo root canal on three of my molars. My fright rooted in Tof’s story about his brother who underwent the same procedure (different doctor) and swore it was the worst pain he felt in his life further describing it as “your limbs being cut off” (that was only one tooth). Imagine my horror. The doomsday arrived and I was tense while instruments were in my mouth. For 2 hours I waited for that pain which I knew would make me cry and give me nightmares. It never came. Talk about a talented doctor.  Plus she did not play any favorites. You need to have an appointment otherwise have your name listed and wait what ever your background is.

Shoti’s turn to be a metal mouth after Ronz and I graduated.

A while ago, after more than 6 months, I visited her again. Now I am facing another dilemma. My third molars (wisdom teeth) were erupting and unless I have them removed, I’m in for a lot of pain and might end up with crooked teeth.

Anyhoo, back to the 5 things I realized a while ago…

1. Pride is justified as a deadly sin. Dra said that she was the kind of person who walks her talk, no matter what the consequences. I can relate because one of the main reasons why I continued and finished nursing despite my mom’s go signal that I can shift as early as second semester of first year was because of pride, I have already told everyone that I will get a degree in the program and I wanted to be true to my words even if everything else in me was screaming otherwise. Dra said that sometimes, we need back out especially if we begin to feel that we are merely doing things for the sake of our palabra de honor.

2. A woman doesn’t need another half to be happy. As what someone told me, better no one than the wrong one. I guess we should shower ourselves first with the love that we are so ready to give others. The notion of “you complete me” is utter bullshit. In Maya Angelou’s words, “I do not trust people who don’t love themselves and yet tell me, ‘I love you.’ There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.

3. Even the tiniest-seemingly-harmless-things have impact. My dentist reproached me because my lower teeth were beginning to be crooked with their enamels thinning and my two front teeth were getting bigger (oh no, back to my bunny days). According to her, this stemmed from my habit of biting my lower lip and eating sour/acidic foods (oh, hello blue Lay’s! shit I’m excessively salivating). Because of my petty i-don’t-even-know-i’m-doing-it mannerisms I might end up having crooked not-so-tough teeth plus a more protruded chin (something about muscles).

4. Despite protests, flossing is an integral part of dental hygiene. No, brushing and mouthwash would not suffice. Which made me wonder how come we have so many rituals today when I doubt if people in the past even brush their teeth. Maybe it’s the kind of food we currently have, whose ingredients are supposed to be used in preserving dead animals.

5. I have to start flossing regularly despite my fear that with clumsiness and without enough control, the thread might slice through my gums and I will bleed to death. Otherwise I’ll have to live with plaques and calculi and gingivitis for the rest of my life.

Was supposed to put a picture I saw in Google when I searched for “floss bleed” but thought against it. Ugh, nonsense fear get off me.


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