Nevermore needs deworming (no. 85)

Because really, you can’t think of any reasons why a book that started with a very promising premise defied high expectations and ended the way it did. Maybe worms were sucking up all the nutrients intended for the novel so it was bland and thin and a bit confusing. Btw, spoilers ahead.

My mistake was judging the series too early. After reading The Angel Experiement, I immediately added “finish the Maximum Ride series” in my bucket list thinking that the succeeding would be better or at least, half as good. Now I have no choice but to read seven more books all the while expecting that everything will be better by the time of the finale. I was wrong.

The series chronicled the lives of 98% human 2% avian hybrid children created my mad scientists in a laboratory called School after they were taken out of the institution by the man who created them to I guess, live normally. The thought of evil scientists messing up with our DNA plus the diverse characters of Max, Iggy, Gazzy, Nudge, Angel and Fang was a great read. And then Patterson decided to start putting too many things at the same time while leaving plots half-baked.

Starting with the fourth book, I got a feeling that I was in for a long haul. It’s like Patterson can’t make up his mind on what to do with the flock. First there was Itex Corporation, then there was the Director, after came the Uber Director, then the government got involved plus Mr. Chu and Dr. Hans something with Dylan who reminded me of Edward and Christian and all the too-good-to-be-true male characters I am not fond of (though he had my sympathy in the last book). The last two were the Doomsday group and the Plan 99% uhm, believers. It’s not that I’m too stupid to follow the plot. I just had the inkling that they were just thrown in to make the series longer. In the sequels, the villains were becoming less and less appealing.

Most of the time, I was just looking forward to Gazzy and Iggy’s excursions and Fang’s exhibition of coolness. I know the genre was young adult science fiction but in some scenes, I can’t help but think it was fantasy rather than science, trying to be too many things at the same time (dystopian as well). Like, jack of all trades master of none.

Also, a bad ending (read: an ending I hate) I can tolerate. What I almost can’t is unfinished business. Seriously. There are so many characters and minor stories that I was looking forward to actually ending in the last book but the perspective was singular and unless you’re in the main plot, you’d be left out. I finished Nevermore in an afternoon because I was thinking, somewhere in these pages are the answers to questions I have had since the first book! Like a maniac, I turned and turned only to realize I was on the last page and I had more questions than when I began.

But it wasn’t all bad. At some point while reading, I started thinking that hybrids and other whatnot experiments are possible and pollution, which was brushed upon was a tangible problem. How far can we go in search for things that defies nature? The series reminded me of Never Let Me Go, only the former was intended for teenagers and the latter left me content.

I have to applaud Nevermore for the reality it presented in terms of internet social networking sites. Twitter, Facebook and Youtube were mentioned which made me think, thank God! At last, a novel that claims to be in the same generation as I am who uses the websites I frequent! And the writing was consistent – Max’s jadedness and Iggy’s sarcasm and Nudge’s nagging and everyone else’s distinct characters.

In the end, I can’t say that my time was wasted in reading Maximum Ride because I was acquainted with another set of characters (and another crush in Fang’s form). Only this time, with wings. Not Angels or anything supernatural *sigh of relief*, just the human-bird kind.

Special thanks to Google and maximumridethings for the photos.


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