Hello again, Cauayan!

Before I got sick, Pangs and I went to Cauayan to apply for his new Social Security System ID as well as pay his contribution to the Pag-ibig fund. You know, things grown-ups do that I have no idea about. While there, Pangs kept on dropping hints that I should start acting my age and apply for a driver’s license as well as a BIR Tin number etcetera. Honestly, I’m confused. In school, identification and library cards were enough. I’m starting to think that in the so-called “real” world, one is measured by the memberships and connections he has. And then I realize, oh yeah, just like high school.

Of course I did not pass up the chance to eat. First stop was Felicitas, famous for its original Pancit Cabagan. This joint has many branches as far as I know because I always see their signage in my town whenever I’m riding a jeepney.

The interior was your typical carinderia/kainan complete with posters from Coca-cola, plastic chairs, a counter and the menu written on paper posted on the wall. I like the vibe, reminds me of childhood.

Pangs and I shared in an order of Pancit batil-patong. Batil-patong refers to breaking and beating an egg and then putting it raw on top of the hot Pancit. Well, that was how I remembered my last a couple of years ago. However, their version in Felicitas was like batil-prito-patong because the egg on top of my noddles was cooked! Disappointing since I was expecting craving for the texture of half-cooked egg in my mouth. Still, it was good.

After Felicitas, we went to Sanitary Bakeshop. Before I knew what “sanitary” actually meant, I thought this shop was gross because I associated the word with napkins or menstrual pads. Only to find out later that the word means “clean”.

Ever since tasting the Carrot cake given to us by the owner of the review center all the way from a well-known bakeshop in Bacolod named Calea, I have always made it a point to try carrot cakes because although I am not a huge fan of cakes especially when the flavor is carrot, Calea’s was delicious and not too sweet! (Note to self: not everything tastes the way they sound). Unfortunately, Sanitary’s version, though decent, pales in comparison with the former.

I also had Maja blanca or coconut pudding. Even though it lacked color (I am used to Majas being yellowish), I gave it a try. Sadly, it just made me miss my grandmother’s version because she makes the creamiest, corniest (literally) Maja blanca.

When all errands were done, Pangs and I rode a non-air conditioned bus. Good thing we were seated on the opposite side where the sun shone. I was able to breathe in fresh air and appreciate the beauty of rural lands after living in the city for 4 years.


3 thoughts on “Hello again, Cauayan!

    1. unique lahat ng tatay sa mundo dora. hehe. anyway, nag umpisa ka na ba magbasa ng sherlock? kung hindi pa, kahit panuorin mo na lang series! superb :]

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