This banal life and my hopes five years from now (no. 177)

While browsing through the “Freshly Pressed” section, I came upon a post which eventually lead me to this site. I am not a superstitious person – okay, a little – but I think me stumbling upon Oh Life is not a coincidence especially because today has been particularly boring yet somehow significant. Boring because I did not do anything productive except drool over Sherlock and his wit in The Adventures of S.H. and significant because rumor says the results of the local board exams would be released this week, the earliest possible being 5 hours from now.

I’ve included “Writing a letter to myself that I’ll read in 5 years” because I am really fond of time capsules, the kind where you bury something today, exhume it after some time and see how it would affect you, feel the difference between those two points in time. I have already written one but that was before I graduated in college and before I took the board exams. Plus, I don’t even know where those papers are so I’m doing it again, this time during a somewhat deciding point in my life. After the release of results, I have to say goodbye to the bum life I’ve lived for the past two months and go back to Manila to face reality. Pretty tough for me.

Actually, it’s the cool concept that made me ditch my already written letter to write a new one albeit electronic. On August 12, 2017, I will receive the letter I wrote a while ago in my e-mail. Plus the site promised not to spam me. I just hope no nuclear war would fuck up with the internet or the World Wide Web.

My letter was a bit long but I think I’ve covered all the important aspects I want to tell the 25 year old me.

After clicking the submit button, the next page was some sort of a countdown. So I’ll receive the letter in 1,825 days. That sounds like ages but as the adage goes, time flies by fast. The letter will be evaluated in 5 years because I am optimistic that this site would last that long.

For the mean time, I’ll try to become a better person because change, as what I hope everyone knows already, does not happen in an instant. It’s an everyday struggle, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. My goal is to achieve a point where I no longer am trying to win.


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