no. 71 and my phone

To “turn my cellular phone off for a week” was pretty easy since replying to people’s messages via text  and answering calls are not my strong points. I could have done this long ago if not for fear that my parents would be super worried since we lived kilometers apart. I tell you, sometimes I go home and check on my phone only to be welcomed with 30 missed calls, 29 from my father and one from my mother. Since I am currently staying in the province where they can see me everyday, I turned my gadget off on August 1 and turned in on again yesterday, August 8.

I didn’t know which was sadder, the fact that I only received 6 messages in 7 days or the fact that 50% was from 4438/other network-owned numbers? The three non-computer sent messages were all about the flood, 2/3 were group messages.

I realized after going through them again that all were sent on August 8. Meaning, my messages from August 1 to August 7 are gone. I thought I’d still receive them when I open my phone again. Anyway, no big deal.

This phone btw, is a hand me down from an uncle. I’ve lost too many already (I couldn’t remember where I put them last, the pocket of my bag was opened without me having any clue, etc) that my mother didn’t want to buy me another. So I stick with low-tech-high-durability-still-serves-the-purpose phones.

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