Normal Spontaneous Delivery (no. 113 and 130)

Seeing a woman give birth to another human being via her vagina can be the one of the best or one of the worst things you’ll see in life.

One of the best because it’s amazing how that small hole can expand many times just to expel a head more or less 35 cm in circumference. God is really great. Add that to the sweet smile of the mother despite exhaustion when her baby is given to her. The strong cry of a newborn which signifies that his lungs are functioning well.

One of the worst because I have been traumatized by some sights. A mother shouting curses due to pain from contractions and the doctor, irritated, performing episiotomy (vulva is cut to facilitate expulsion of baby) without even a drop of anesthesia. A 14 year old whose body is not mature enough hence, the doctor use metal forceps wound around the baby’s head before he pulls with all his might with matching foot on the table for increased force. Some mothers irresponsible for their actions who resorted to self-induced abortion, the baby dead with multiple malformations. Mothers requested to sit on stools 2 hours after delivery because there is a shortage of bed. The wails of the mothers begging for mercy combined with the shout of doctors and nurses to shut up.

And I understand both parties. In defense of medical workers, we are merely human.

Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy comfort.

I promised myself that if ever I marry, I’ll make sure I have enough dough for pregnancy so I would not experience the horrors I saw. I cannot imagine myself on those poor women’ shoes. Merely being a spectator scared me enough.

Anyway, let not this post discourage you.

One of the most beautiful part of delivery is when you cut the umbilical cord. This cord is the connection between the fetus and the placenta in the mother’s womb. This serves as the transportation for the nutrient’s the unborn child needs from his mom. Cutting the said cord means that the baby no longer depends completely on the mother. He can breathe and eat on his own. Before, mislead by shows that clearly need to improve their research, I thought the cord was red. I found out that it was actually whitish, 2 arteries and one vein buried in what is called Wharton’s jelly. It was slippery and slimy. Thank God I was able to cut properly during my first time.

On December 24, 20 years ago, my mother experienced the pain of childbearing. She said all discomforts were gone when she saw how cute I was. To justify,


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