Lez talk about farts (no.27)

First off, my sources. 1 2 3

Fart is an onomatopoeia used in reference to flatulence. Flatulence is the medical term for the expulsion of a mixture of gas into the rectum. These gases come from different sources, mostly by products of the process of digestion. Some other gas comes from swallowing air, gas seeping into the digestive tract from our blood, and gas produced by bacteria in our guts.

Meanwhile, the sound produced when farting is caused by the vibration of the anal sphincter when gases are released plus the occasional closed buttocks. Nitrogen is the most common composition of flatulence along with Carbon Dioxide though the composition is highly variable to one’s diet as well as the number of bacteria in one’s intestines.

I’ll stop here because I’m getting bored. Just click on the links above and read for yourselves.

As for my bucketlist “fart in a crowded place”, I have only done that once and was traumatized to try it again. That was during the summer classes in my first year in college. It was after lunch break and students were arriving from wherever they had their meals. While climbing the stairs, I felt the need to expel the dreaded gas. And I don’t know with you but based on instinct, I can tell if releasing the said gas would be noisy or silent. My instinct told me it would be silent so I gave in. What the instinct forgot to remind me was that it would be really foul. My classmates covered their nose and figured out it was me. Good thing they were kind enough to make me the laughing stock for only a day. But I know they’d never forget that scene because it was brought up twice or thrice in the span of 4 years. Anyway, I just laugh about it now.


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