To my one and only Dudee!

You were one of my first friends in college. Well, not actually. It just so happened that we were in the same circle but as far as I can remember, we were not really talking, just hanging out. I did not even go to your debut (which I still regret up to now). Eventually, the inevitable happened and we became closer. Inevitable because no one can really resist your contagious laugh and corny jokes and plain kindness.

karla-7Dude, you are one of the nicest persons I know. And by “nice” I don’t mean the show-off kind. Heck, you can’t even lie to your mom. And you can’t say “no” to people’s requests no matter how outrageous they sometimes are, no matter how much they compromise you. I remember the silly exercise we had where we practice to say “no” to each other and we still cannot utter the monosyllabic word. Those afternoons at Jimini Pizza and CrePes were wonderful times as well as our booze excursions and the day you taught me the hard way that being the only sober person sucks (especially when you have friends with low alcohol tolerance).

Thank you for listening to my stories and for sharing yours as well. I like to think (actually, I believe) that we have something special because as far as I can remember, the depths of our conversations were beyond penetration.

karla-8In addition to that, you are one of the bravest living creature in this world. Well, not everyone gets to battle cancer, survive even before they reach their 20s, and still have the courage to talk about it. You fought well, gracefully even. I know some of those strengths were just for show since you told me a couple of times that you almost gave up but I sure as hell am glad that you didn’t! Besides, it is very true when I say type this, maraming nagmamahal sa iyo. naks.

I know we haven’t been in touch lately. I’ve been quite busy and I know you’re busy as well (with the countless hobbies you’ve grown to love and hate over the years of staying at home). Heard you’re getting ready to go back to school. Maybe you weren’t really meant for nursing Dudee, even though you’d make a great nurse. What, with the enthusiasm and selflessness, even the most snob patient would be compelled to reciprocate your smile.

karlaYou’re the kind of daughter I wish to have (in the future), the sister everyone wants and the friend I am definitely going to keep. I love you dude and happy 22nd birthday! As usual, ikaw pinakamatanda sa atin! :]


5 thoughts on “To my one and only Dudee!

  1. nakakainis ka dudeee. pinaiyak moko. sobrang salamat talaga. grabe miss na miss na kita. and i also regret nung time na alam mo na, na nawalan ako ng time sayo. Alam mo na un. Sorry talaga. Ito na ung best gift na natanggap ko sa buong buhay ko, well maliban sa second life ko. Sobrang salamat. Sobra akong natouch kasi ung thought palang na maalala mo lang ako it means a lot to me. Kala ko kasi wala ng nakakaalala pero andian ka pa din. Im looking forward na makapagbond ulit tayo. Andito lang naman ako for you. Sorry din dudee hindi ko na nabili ung grad gift na pinagusapan natin nung first yr pa tayo na sabi ko bibilhin ko sayo. At in fairness dudee ako padin pinakamatanda sa school ngayon. Ate ang tawag sken. 🙂 Love you dudeee.:-*

    1. Ang saya ko lang at na appreciate mo. Pagbalik kong manila kita tayo. drama mo syempre di kita makakalimutan. naks. basta irereserve ko na ang mga kwento kapag nagkita ulit tayo. na miss ko tuloy CrePes at Jimini. see you soon. text kita pag Manila ako. At aral mabuti, wag na masyado, pwede na 4 hours a day. HAHAHA love you too :]

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