Why I waited too long before reading The Deathly Hallows (no. 107)

I read the first six books in the series continuously opening one after the other. After the sixth book, I had months to kill before the release of the finale. Then I decided not to read the 7th installment for the mere reason that I don’t want my waiting to end. If I finish book 7, there’s no more book 8 to look forward to. But if I stopped at 6, I’d be hanging and the feeling that there’s still a book to read will forever be with me. But last year, before the Deathly Hallows part 2 was to be shown in cinemas, I realized, who am I kidding? and I succumbed to the temptation of reading the last book after more than 3 years of denial. And this was a reflection (naks reflection talaga! Haha) I wrote right after finishing the book a year or two ago.

J.K. made sure doses of nostalgia are injected in all parts of the book. From the cupboard where Harry sleeps before knowing he is a wizard and has tons of Galleons at Gringotts to the POTTER STINKS poster during the triwizard tournament to Albus’ death. It was acceptable, since this was the finale we had all been waiting for. I just put my hands on it 3 years late. Other Potter diehards have moved on with the book.

HP7 made me cry, not because of the story but because of the fact that I am now taking this final journey with Harry, Hermione, Ron and the others. I’ve been with them since I was 12. Now I am 18, and they, 17 in the story. I never wanted to read the final instalment of the series for the simple reason that I don’t want to finish it, the there’s-nothing-more-to-look-forward-to feeling.

It was very good to relive Hogwarts and Hogsmead and Platform 9 ¾ and Diagon Alley and all the other places in Harry’s World. It felt like being re-acquainted with old buddies while reading names of characters from books 1 to 6. It was as if the events mentioned happened to me, that I was part of their wizarding world and they, part of my Muggle world.

Mad Eye died so early and Remus and Tonks were two of my most favorite characters. This book was painful but I would not have wanted it any other way.

I did not dwell much on the story because I already knew what would happen (my friends and the internet, especially Wikipedia, could not keep the knowledge to themselves). It was good versus evil. Harry was the master of the Elder Wand. Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione. 19 years later… The Deathly Hallows was more like properly finishing the series, reading the familiar words of J.K. Rowling, the familiar quips of Ron, matter-of-fact speaking of Hermione, sentiments of Harry. I was after the experience of reading the book that opened me into the world of imagination and possibilities for the last time (I am not fond of rereading novels I’ve finished).

It would always be a part of me. Actually, it would not only be a “mere” but a SPECIAL part of me. There’s something about reading the series while you are still young, before high school. The first two installments were an elementary graduation gift from my uncle. I really really believed I would receive the same letter. I dreamed of being in Hogwarts almost every night that summer before my first year in secondary school. My early compositions in high school were full of witchcraft and wizardry and weirdness the department head talked to my mother about my hobby.

I heard that the books were banned in some countries and some friends were discouraged from reading them because they said Rowling is a witch and it was a bad influence…I think not. Maybe, some adults just didn’t understand that the book was addicting, that letting a child read HP opened up a juvenile’s imagination, powerful and wild. I remember not leaving my room and talking to anyone, my parents included, because I was so engrossed with what was happening. Maybe that’s why other people think ill of it. They think it possesses the child. Yes, we are possessed, but not in a bad way.

I have to read Tales of Beedle the Bard.

And the Weasley Twins, Severus Snape and Sirius Black are my top 3 favorite characters.

So long Harry and the gang, until we meet again. :]


2 thoughts on “Why I waited too long before reading The Deathly Hallows (no. 107)

  1. That was beautiful. Harry Potter will always remain one of my absolute favourite books, for the magic it gave us and for the sense of familiarity you feel every time you meet another Harry Potter fan… among many, many other things. =]

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