Loner much? Nah. (no. 170)

Will just re-post what I wrote about my first time ever to go to the movies alone back in 2009.

After a night (or morning) of videoke and birthday celebration, LRT and Klownz domination and sleep deprivation, I went home, to the dorm.

Then, I remembered that today, May 15 is the showing of my-most-favorite-book-turned-movie, Angels & Demons. Since summer classes are already done and I can’t count on my father or brother when it comes to cinemas, I watched the movie alone (first time).

*sniff*I miss my Movie Buddies, Trixie, Abi, Adams, Rencks, Dude, Dwidar & Aiza*sniff* :[

Alone in the sense that I almost screamed when the trailer for Drag me to Hell was shown because there’s no one I could hold on to. Anyway, it was a good experience especially when you have Lay’s Salt and Vinegar flavor all to yourself. Yum-my!

As status quo applies, the book was better than the movie. Not “wayyyyy better”, but still better because the former caused me tachycardia while the latter caused me, uhm, semi-increased pulse rate. Haha. I was disappointed partly because it wasn’t revealed that the pope was the chamberlain’s father by means of artificial insemination. This was the part that moved me to tears when I was reading the book way back in high school. I believe there’s nothing more heart-tearing than learning that you just innocently and insanely killed your father. The movie is worth watching though.

Toward the end of the movie, I heard this line:

Religion is flawed only because

Man is flawed.

And I guess this means SOMETHING to people like me, not the conventional type in terms of ecclesiastical chorvas.

Also, I learned from Nicky that Bob Ong has another book, KAPITAN SINO. Out on all the leading bookstores (except National Bookstore Robinson’s place Manila), bought one for him at Powerbooks.

Sigurado marami na naman akong marereceive na GM sa mga sinulat/sinabi ni Bob Ong…tsk.

Going home to the province tonight. Happy and Safe trip to us. :]

After that, going to the movies alone have become pretty normal for me even though people’s reactions vary from puzzled to that’s-funny to you’re-such-a-weirdo when I tell them that. Whenever I really want to see a film but unfortunately cannot find someone to accompany me, I buy myself Lay’s Salt and Vinegar flavor and a ticket for one. I’ve watched a couple of good movies on my own like Kimmy Dora and The Avatar, to name a few.

Sometimes, I even enjoy watching all by myself because my focus is solely on the movie. No one talks to me and vice versa. Not that I’m the chatty type inside a movie house but even those polite nods and are-you-okay to your seatmate affect my concentration. And I sometimes believe that though we see watching movies as a communal experience, the actual “watching” is personal. Only the exchange of ideas afterwards needs interpersonal communication.

Besides, one of my favorite quotes says “beware of those who seek constant crowds, they are nothing alone“.


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